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Courier vs. Postal Service: Choosing the Right Delivery Option

Planning Pays Off: 5 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Delivery Speed Choice

June 30, 2024

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Choosing between intercity courier services and traditional postal options for your deliveries can be challenging. Understanding the differences between them is crucial for making the right decision.
Privately held businesses oversee the same-day and next-day delivery of intercity courier services; this guarantees efficiency and dependability. On the other hand, postal services are run by the government and frequently have irregular delivery schedules.
Due to their faster and more dependable service, intercity couriers are generally more reliable than postal services. To help you decide between the two, we’ll share four expert tips to guide you in choosing the right delivery option for your needs.
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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Delivery Option

Follow the strategies mentioned below to make an informed decision between intercity courier services and postal services:

Optimize Your Costs

In the case of intercity courier services, you pay not only for the shipping costs but also for their specialized service. In contrast, in the case of postal service, you pay only for the shipping costs and get basic service in exchange.
While this makes intercity courier services more expensive than postal services, in terms of cost effectiveness, it is intercity courier services that win over postal services. This is because they offer faster and more reliable delivery speeds, advanced and accurate tracking capabilities, and superior service quality.

Manage Your Delivery Times

Intercity courier services offer accurate delivery dates and times and they even allow you to choose your preferred speed of delivery. They rely on speed and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.
In contrast, postal services provide only estimated delivery times and are far less reliable when it comes to adhering to their timelines. Unlike intercity courier services, they do not let you choose your speed of delivery or offer next-day deliveries.

Ensure Your Reliability

Intercity courier services are reliable to the extent that you can trust them with urgent deliveries. They ensure that they adhere to their promised delivery timelines. Additionally, they also guarantee safe and undamaged delivery of your products and offer insurance in case of accidental damage or loss.
However, the same cannot be said about the postal services. Considering that they are government-owned and cheaper, they tend to have far higher volumes of packages to ship and deliver. They are notorious for delaying or losing packages.

Tailor to Your Scale

Intercity courier services tend to be better equipped to handle multiple packages and the shipping of large-scale businesses. They are also more flexible and offer services tailored to customers’ needs.
For instance, you can opt for pick-up services along with shipping and final delivery of your parcels. You can also use their expertise in getting your parcels packed properly. In contrast, postal services are not flexible and cannot be tailored to your needs. It is not equipped for handling multiple packages and their shipping and is thus not suitable for large-scale business.


Although both postal services and intercity courier services have advantages, intercity courier services’ dependability and customised solutions frequently win out over traditional postal services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intercity courier services excel at urgent deliveries as they provide same-day and next-day delivery. In contrast, postal services tend to take longer.

Yes, you can track your packages with both services. However, in comparison to postal services, the tracking features of intercity courier services tend to be more detailed and in real-time.

A few things to think about when selecting a delivery choice include price, package size, urgency, dependability, and tracking requirements. Select the option that most closely matches your needs.

Intercity courier services like Shipyaari offer robust services for managing returns with prepaid labels and scheduled pickups. However, postal services require you to go to local post offices to process the returns manually.

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