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How to Navigate Delhivery Courier Charges for Your Business


Efficiently navigating through Delhivery courier charges requires a comprehensive grasp of their diverse services and the corresponding expenses.
Ranging from swift express delivery to ground transportation, this logistics powerhouse presents a variety of delivery solutions tailored to cater to the unique requirements of both individuals and businesses.
To save on costs, it’s essential to grasp the variables and metrics of Delhivery’s pricing. This involves understanding the factors that influence charges, such as package weight, dimensions, delivery speed, and destination.
In this post, we will explore the pivotal aspects that influence Delhivery courier costs, examining the factors at play, the array of services offered by Delhivery, and more. Read on!

Factors Determining the Delhivery Courier Costs

The courier fee charged by Delhivery can change because of several variables. These are as follows:
Size, Weight, and Parcel Dimensions: These aspects directly influence the shipment cost. Delhivery calculates the volumetric weight and compares it with the actual weight before deciding the fees.
Service Type and Destination: The delivery location also determines the fee. For instance, international shipping charges won’t compare to domestic shipping. Further, the timeframe is inversely proportional to the delivery cost. So, as the time decreases, the fees will increase.
Additional Services: The bonus services chosen also influence the price. These encompass expedited services, insurance, and material handling. So, the fee varies depending on your chosen bundle.

Services Available at Delhivery

Here is a quick round-up of the services Delhivery offers businesses and individuals:

Express Parcel

Delhivery is India’s leading express parcel player. They offer early COD remittances and quick customer support. In addition, customers also receive free shipping and an array of other valuable services.


Delhivery caters to rapid and affordable goods fulfillment, irrespective of your business domain. They also allow multi-location and multi-tenant warehousing. Further, you can also enjoy its inexpensive integrated distribution solutions. It also enables seamless integration with cross-border shipping and freight.

Part Truckload

Delhivery is also a part truckload for small to medium businesses and retail. The company manages the seasonal and regular needs of B2B companies in India. They have their own fleet besides the truckload partners.

Full Truckload

Delhivery holds a top position amongst the companies offering trucking solutions in India. Through Orion, Delhivery’s proprietary freight solution, the company has successfully bridged the gap between fleet owners and shippers. So, regardless of your business size, you can now make the most of Delhivery’s FTL services.

Cross Border

Delhivery has partnered with FedEx for seamless international shipping. They also offer land, ocean, and air freight services internationally. This way, businesses and individuals can leverage Delhivery’s comprehensive range of services tailored to meet diverse logistical needs.

Data Intelligence

The company provides an array of products with its data intelligence program. These comprise geocoding, address validation, and APIs for address standardization, amongst others. It harnesses the power of data to offer a diverse range of products within its data intelligence program.

Delhivery Courier Charges: A Detailed Insight

It is challenging to be well-versed in the particulars and pricing of different services. So, to simplify it, let’s explore the types of services and their costs:

Express Delivery

It is one of their most expensive services and is suitable for emergency or time-sensitive packages. The cost depends on the delivery distance and the parcel’s dimensions.

Air Cargo

It is a rapid and express delivery service by Delhivery. It is suitable for urgent shipments that demand quick shipping.
Ground Transportation: It is an affordable and cost-effective alternative. However, the delivery process is slower.


Service Weight Local Delivery (in INR) National Delivery (in INR)
Express Delivery Up to 500 grams 40 75
Over 10 kg 300-550 300-550
Air Cargo Up to 1 kg 100 150
Over 10 kg 350-500 350-500
Ground Transportation Up to 1 kg N/A 75
Up to 10 kg N/A 180

Note: These charges are as of March 2024, and vary with the parcel’s dimensions and weight.

Final Words

Delhivery employs the latest tools and technologies to provide its customers with secure delivery. They are efficient and dependable and they employ a crude method to compute the shipping cost with their volumetric weight calculation algorithm.
Further, their variety of services helps cater to the different needs of customers. Delhivery also employs automated technology to keep its customers happy. In short, their effective workflow and dependable services can benefit you and your business.
So, if you’re considering a logistics partner, Delhivery stands out as a reliable choice. Make sure you explore the full spectrum of their services and leverage their state-of-the-art tools and technologies for secure and efficient deliveries.

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