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Simplify returns with Efficient RTO Management

Got a Return to Origin request? Shipyaari facilitates prompt RTO pickups and ensures swift returns shipping.

Why Choose RTO Management with Shipyaari?

Return to Origin (RTO) remains a challenge in the eCommerce industry and a threat to smooth operations. Efficient RTO management is crucial for eCommerce businesses to succeed. Shipyaari’s online RTO management system is designed to reduce the burden of RTO and optimize the logistics operations at large. This feature includes facilitation of hassle-free management of return orders making it a strategic tool in the eCommerce ecosystem.

RTO logistics is multifaceted and it has implications on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction too. Shipyaari’s RTO management system is a proactive solution that leverages strategic management to speed up the return process and minimize supply chain disruptions.

Key Features

Returns, an inescapable aspect of eCommerce, pose significant challenges for e-tailers. RTO management processes are pivotal and yet a mammoth task impacting operational costs, customer satisfaction and the overall business performance for e-tailers.

At Shipyaari, we understand how crucial managing RTO logistics is and for that we have two innovative solutions: RTO Hubs and Shipyaari Delta.

Streamlined and Simplified RTO Logistics

Optimize return processes with our efficient RTO logistics system. Shipyaari’s RTO Management system simplifies the returns process, reduces complexities and minimizes returns processing time. Thus, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both, you and your customers.

Seamless Online RTO Management

Experience convenience with our online RTO Management System. Shipyaari offers a user-friendly dashboard for easy monitoring, tracking, and management of RTO orders.

Enhanced Efficiency in RTO Operations

Increase operational efficiency with our specialized RTO logistics solutions. Shipyaari’s system automates RTO processes, ensuring accurate handling and swift resolution.

Sellers display of affection

Amith Hebbar

We use Shipyaari for our family business’ e-commerce needs and they’ve always been providing consistently good service at affordable rates. For any issue raised, TAT is very good and we’re happy clients of Shipyaari.

Mini Kiki

Ms. Padmini always helps in resolving any finance related issues like COD payments and billing quickly. Ms Shweta also effectively resolved customer and delivery issues. Love the response and quick appropriate solutions.

Arjav Shah (Shodrobe)

Shipyaar’s rates are reasonable and they deliver on time. Overall, excellent and reliable to work with. Saniya and Vishal sir have always come through for any problem and are ready to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

Shekhar Pandey

Earlier I worked with a shipping company that handled my glass products casually causing my reviews to drop and complaints increased. With Shipyaari, I have not faced any issues. Highly recommend it!

Manish Joshi

Dinesh is a rockstar who always goes out of the way to ensure seamless deliveries. He is the reason our RTO is almost zero. Well done Shipyaari for nurturing talent and being one of the best logistics aggregators.

K Srinath Reddy 

Good service! I have use your services regularly and am very satisfied with it. Very reliable and helpful company that is efficient, provides prompt delivery and friendly service. Always happy to help and friendly staff.

Conns India

One of the best aggregators that I have been dealing with for almost a year now. What I find best about them is the pricing and back-end delivery support. No other aggregator offers support like them. Highly recommend Shipyaari.

Khusbhoo Pandey

Shipyaari provides courier, b2b, trucking, and warehousing services to us. The management has reduced our logistics headache and has given the best services. We know they have our back for all our new business plans.

Anita Rosario

With other logistics partners I faced issues: fake delivery attempts, untimely deliveries, poor follow-up processes. Shipyaari has made the shipping process hassle-free - right from product pick up to timely deliveries.

Rajat Joshi

Shipyaari’s team has a wonderful capability to make everything easier for their customers by keeping the fees reasonable and saving a small business like mine from the burden of excessive investment in logistics. Thank you!

Saurav Parihar

The pocket pinch offered by Shipyaari is the best compared to other carriers in the market. Best for small businesses like mine who do not have to go through the minimum number of orders cap.

Earlier, we worked with costly and time consuming carrier partners. Their delayed deliveries cost us our international business. Shipyaari helped us to rebuild customer trust on an international level. Thank you Shipyaari

Very very prompt service at all times. There are no hassles whether it may be deliveries, pickups, or any other issues that arrive. For me, it is way better than all the other shipping aggregators out there.

Shipyaari support team has excellent response time for any concern. User-friendly dashboard and order creation is simple and elegant. Reports are easy to understand and that makes it more useful to make future plans.

Have been using Shipyaari services for 9 years now. Their team, especially Hemakshi and Dipali promptly resolved issues. Customer service is outstanding. It’s great to work with them. Thanks team Shipyaari and best wishes!

Shipyaari is the best shipping partner with lowest rates. Shipping with them has been a breeze and they are extremely reliable for all my shipping needs. Thanks Shipyaari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RTO aka Return-To-Origin, it is the process after a delivery is failed, in this a product never reaches the consumer due to multiple reasons, hence it is returned back to the sellers.
The following are a few common reasons for RTO:
a) Incorrect Delivery Address
b) Unavailability of the Recipient
c) Damaged Goods
d) Unsatisfied Customers
e) Shipping and Handling Errors
f) Failed Delivery Attempts
g) Customer Cancellations

An RTO or Return to Origin happens when the parcel could not be delivered to the end customer by the courier partner. It could happen for several reasons such as incorrect address, customer not having cash handy, or even if the customer rejects the parcel among several other reasons

Login to your Shipyaari account and navigate to the RTO overview section by clicking on RTO on the top left panel of the dashboard.

Yes, charges for RTO are levied. The RTO charges are the same as the forward charges.

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