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5 Ways to Reduce RTO via WhatsApp Business


Hardly anyone who sells online will say that streamlining their eCommerce logistics operations is a smooth process. The process is so intricate that it involves much more than just picking, packaging, and shipping.

People frequently believe that shipping a product is the end of the process for eCommerce vendors. In fact, it is where it starts. Numerous uncertainties arise as soon as a shipment leaves the fulfillment center, including whether it will arrive at its intended location, be accepted by the customer, and other issues. Whether the order will result in an RTO (Return to Origin) and quadruple their shipping charges is another common concern that sellers have.


How can you reduce your RTO rates with the help of WhatsApp AI 

With the help of the WhatsApp Business API, e-tailers can focus on lowering RTO and save a lot of money even though it cannot be completely eliminated from any eCommerce firm. 

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used chat apps, has made it possible for companies to have more effective client relationships. It has a track record of improving post-purchase experiences and increasing successful transactions.

However, merchants and online retailers should be aware of how to best use WhatsApp to their advantage. 


1. Consistent Tracking 

Sending regular updates has a major impact on customer satisfaction. It dramatically reduces customer fear while their order is being shipped. 

Sending a customized Whatsapp message with some tracking updates is more advantageous and captivating because most individuals don’t check their emails and texts as frequently. It gives the customer the information they require, lowers the likelihood of cancellations, and lowers the expense of reverse shipment. Simply put, the convenience of a Whatsapp message cannot be compared to updating via emails and text messages.


2. Accurate product descriptions shared 

E-tailers can send customers multiple photos at once using the Whatsapp Business API. With accurate product descriptions and excellent photographs, they can personally inform clients about new product launches or promotions. 

Accurate information and unaltered photographs help to avoid disparity in product offerings. Customers are reassured with the company’s reputation and the services it offers, which fosters confidence for future purchases.


3. Cross checking of Contact Details 

Merchants and e-tailers should always double-check contact details using the WhatsApp Business API and make appropriate changes (if any) to prevent failed deliveries caused by wrong addresses.


4. Analysis of NDR reports 

NDR, or non-delivery reports, are used in eCommerce to keep the order route transparent and to help online retailers determine the cause of returned orders. 

Having this knowledge can assist retailers and online stores in developing better business strategies to lower RTO.


5. Encourage Customer reviews 

Customers frequently lack the time to visit e-commerce websites solely to provide a product review or to share their platform experience. However, consumers can communicate with online vendors and inform them of any problems encountered during the purchase placement or return procedure thanks to WhatsApp Business API. 

Additionally, they can share improved ideas for advancement and find out about fresh efforts started by the eCommerce platform.



In the world of ecommerce where RTO is one of the most serious issues, by utilizing the WhatsApp Business API, e-tailers can work towards reducing RTO. It will not only help them save time but will also save money thus, helping eCommerce sellers build a brand which is trustworthy and profitable. 


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