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Tips for Saving Money on Delhivery Courier Charges


Established in 2011, Delhivery stands as a prominent Indian logistics and supply chain entity. With an impressive record of delivering 2.1 billion parcels across 18,600 pin codes, it emerges as a highly efficient and optimal solution for parcel shipping.
Delhivery is majorly known for its efficient delivery, pick-up, and tracking services. In addition, it offers a diverse range of logistics solutions that cater to the varied needs of businesses and individuals alike.Keep reading as we take you through how Delhivery operates and see its stellar performance record and commitment to efficient package delivery. Let’s get going!

Factors Affecting the Price Point of a Delhivery Courier

The Delhivery website provides information on how your parcel will be charged. Below are some major factors that influence the pricing of Delhivery courier services:

Parcel Dimensions, Weight, and Size

The weight or size of your package has a considerable impact on the shipping cost. Put simply, you’ll probably end up paying extra for a bigger or larger package because handling and transportation need more work and resources.

Destination and Services Availed

The delivery destination plays a pivotal role in pricing. Delhivery considers the distance your parcel needs to travel and the specific services available, such as express or standard shipping. Longer distances and premium services may contribute to higher charges.

Extra Services from Delhivery

Delhivery offers various additional services, such as insurance, priority handling, and specialized packaging. Opting for these extras can influence the total cost of your shipment. It’s essential to evaluate and choose services based on your specific needs carefully.

Saving Money on Delhivery Courier Charges

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to effectively save money on Delhivery courier charges:

Select the Right Size of Packaging 

Your parcel will be assigned a weight slab and charged accordingly. Heavier packages cost more, so make sure you choose the right packaging to reduce any extra weight. This step is crucial in optimizing your expenses, as it directly impacts the charges associated with the weight of your shipment.

Go for Bundled Shipments 

Instead of sending out multiple packages, plan your shipments to send them out in minimum packages to avoid operational charges. This helps streamline your shipping process and optimize costs by consolidating items into fewer, more efficient packages.
By doing so, you not only reduce operational charges but also enhance overall logistics efficiency.

Look Out for Special Discounts and Offers

Always browse the website for special discounts, festive offers, or a ‘new user’ discount. Availing discounts on time will balance your overall parcel charges. This way,  you can maximize your savings and get the most value out of your shipping expenses.

Make Use of Delhivery’s Online Tools 

Delhivery’s website provides all the necessary tools for calculating your shipment prices. Additionally, you can surf through the help section and calculate the weight of parcels, rates across India, and more.

Reduce Extra Costs 

The overhead charges could be eating up your parcel budget. For example, cash-on-delivery options hold additional costs for handling, and so do quality check options.

Try Negotiation 

If you’re a returning customer to Delhivery, negotiating for a long-term plan would save you recurring charges. Make sure you always compare the price rates of other competitive services and get the best deal for yourself.

Wrapping Up

Delhivery provides real-time tracking for your shipments, and a transparent fee structure lets you take control of the charges. With efficient strategies, from choosing packaging to payment methods for your parcels, you can take control of the delivery courier charges.
As online e-commerce continues to thrive in India, the competition among logistics companies has become intense, making it crucial to align with trusted partners.
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