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The Ultimate Checklist for International Shipping from India

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June 20 , 2024

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eCommerce is rising and reaching international borders with ease, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to elite courier services, international shipping from India has become a hassle-free process.
However, beginners can become anxious before processing international shipping orders and may not be sure about the intricate regulations and procedures.
We are here to help you with this expert checklist. All you need to do is check the boxes and process your international shipping from India comfortably.

Significant Inclusions in the Checklist for International Shipping from India

Some of the key inclusions in the checklist for international shipping that businesses must consider are:

Proforma Invoice: A proforma invoice is issued in response to a product inquiry, serving as a quotation in international transactions. It helps the buyer arrange for financing, a letter of credit, and import licenses. The proforma invoice includes the following:

  • Product details and pricing
  • Payment terms
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Validity period

Commercial Invoice: Transaction Details.

Packing List: Details of the number of goods shipped, size, dimensions, and weight.
This list is more detailed than a domestic packing list, which includes:
Shipment items

  • Net and gross weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Package markings
  • Special delivery instructions

Certificates of Origin: This is to certify the origin of the packages.

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction: This letter carries the shipping instructions to the freight forwarder. It must include all important details to facilitate the international shipment of the packaged goods.

Certificate of Free Sale: It certifies that the goods are legally sold in the market.

Bills of Lading: This is a legal document with details of goods in transit. This includes inland bills of lading, ocean bills of lading, and airway bills.

Dangerous Goods Form: This form is required to signify packages for hazardous materials as instructed by IATA or IMO.

Bank Draft: This is the document that showcases fund transfers in exchange for payment.
When all checkboxes have been checked, you can set up international shipping from India for delivery to the designated country.

Best Practices for International Shipping from India

Consider the following important points:

Ask for Different Freight Quotations

You must contact different freight forwarders or courier services to get different quotations on freight. You must also gather relevant information regarding the following:

  • Date of arrival
  • Information on original and destination countries
  • Specifics related to the packaging and products
  • You can also use digital platforms for convenience.

Confirm Details Related to Your International Shipment

Verify all shipment details, including:

  • Origin of dispatch
  • B/L number
  • Type of container
  • Tracking and reference numbers.

Select the Best Carriers or Freight Forwarders

Choose a freight forwarder based on the following:

  • Cost and shipping rates
  • Coverage of network area
  • Consumer support services
  • The carrier or forwarder handles shipment logistics and provides real-time international shipment tracking.

Check the Volumetric Weight

Volumetric weight, which is based on the package size instead of its weight, is crucial in international shipping.

Avoid Shipment of Unapproved or Dangerous Goods

Ensure you are aware of items that are unapproved, prohibited, or dangerous for both countries. Check shipping carrier guidelines as well. Shipping restricted items can lead to confiscation, fines, or other penalties.

Understand Customs Clearance

Packages must clear carrier and customs clearance following the shipping carrier’s guidelines. Adhere to the guidelines and regulations set in both the origin and destination countries. Some deliveries may charge additional clearance charges when shipping or receiving such items. For example, liquid items, medicines, etc.

Learn About Shipping Charges and Time Taken to Deliver

Before processing your international shipment, consider the base rate, taxes, and additional charges. International delivery normally takes up to a week. For urgent international shipments, you can use options like same-day delivery or next-day delivery at a higher cost. Choose the shipping method that suits your budget and timeline.

Ensure Proper Packaging

Ensure that your international shipments are packed properly to prevent any kind of spillage or damage. Secure packaging reduces losses and ensures items arrive in good condition.

Use Tracking Mechanisms

Tracking allows you to stay informed about the package’s status and location. Make sure you utilize international shipping tracking services to monitor your shipment’s progress.


International shipping from India is not a very simple process and requires attention. You need to adhere to regulations and understand essential tips for efficient international shipments.
Follow this checklist and check the boxes that have been processed to make your international shipping from India hassle-free. Each step is crucial for smooth delivery across borders. Stay informed and achieve success in the global eCommerce marketplace.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For dangerous goods, you must fill out the Dangerous Goods Form and specify details of the hazardous materials. This is to conform to the safety regulations as set by IATA or IMO.

Elite courier services offer same day delivery, next day delivery, overnight delivery, and other express and instant deliveries at an extra cost for international shipments that are urgent to deliver.

The courier services will offer several tracking mechanisms, like phone apps, website tracking, and customer care tracking options, where you can track your packages using a unique tracking number.

Secure insurance coverage for valuable items to protect against loss or damage. Contact your shipping partner to understand available insurance options and their specifics. Insurance provides added protection and peace of mind.

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