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Ship Smart, Save Money: Cost-Effective Strategies for International Shipping from India

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June 23, 2024

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Exports play a vital role in the overall market leaving any business in India that seeks to extend its market globally.
In 2024, the Indian courier and parcel market value was around 8.5 billion USD. This is predicted to grow to 18.38 billion USD by 2029. This shows that courier services have the potential to earn high profits in the coming years.
International courier costs in India can, on some occasions, impact the profitability of exports. Below are the tips on the most effective ways to cut your expenses for international couriers in India.

Optimize Packaging

Probably the most obvious and easy method that may help in eradicating the high cost of international couriers in India is to reduce packaging.
Packages that are smaller and lighter in weight are less expensive to ship than bulky or heavy ones. It will cost less to ship since they occupy less space.
Here are some tips for optimizing packaging:

  • Use the Right Size Box: Avoid using oversized boxes for small items. Less packaging means less material cost and lower shipping fees due to reduced volumetric weight (important for couriers).
  • Lightweight Materials: Choose an effective and sturdy packing material that is lightweight. Foam peanuts, bubble wrap, and air pillows protect items without adding weight.
  • Custom Packaging: Invest in custom packaging solutions tailored to your products. This can help minimize the need for additional protective materials and ensure a snug fit, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Find the Right Shipping Partner

You should choose the right international courier service in India since this can be the difference between a smooth delivery and a delivery disaster.

  • Carrier Comparison: Certain international courier services are cheaper than others when chosen from India; make a comparison here. Use online tools and shipping rate calculators to find the most reasonable rates for your needs.
  • Volume Discounts: Ask your carrier for shipment discounts if you transport a large number of shipments. You can also avail of discounted rates if you ship frequently.

Leverage Consolidation Services

One possible solution to decrease the cost of international courier in India can be consolidation services. It involves combining multiple small shipments into one larger shipment.
This approach can be cost effective resulting from economies of scale. Here’s how to leverage consolidation services:

  • Freight Forwarders: Make arrangements with freight forwarders that have consolidation services for international courier businesses in India. They can consolidate your shipments with other shipments heading to the same destination, hence cutting on the overall cost.
  • Hub-and-Spoke Model: Implement the hub-and-spoke distribution strategy where goods are delivered to a central distribution center before being shipped to various locations. This might simplify transportation and reduce expenses.

Utilize Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

India has several Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with various countries that can reduce or eliminate tariffs on certain products. The effectiveness of FTAs can reduce international courier prices in India to a great extent. Here’s how to take advantage of FTAs:

  • Research Applicable FTAs: Find out which FTAs apply to your products and target markets. The Indian government’s trade websites and resources can provide valuable information.
  • Correct Documentation: Ensure that all necessary documentation is in order to benefit from preferential tariff rates under FTAs. This includes certificates of origin and other required paperwork.


International courier in India is something that can be quite profitable if handled in the right manner. Optimize packaging, choose the right carrier, consolidate shipments, leverage FTAs, and track costs – all to cut down shipping expenses and boost profits.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Compare rates and services! Online tools and calculators can help. Look for carriers offering competitive rates.

Consolidation combines smaller shipments into one larger one. This reduces costs by leveraging economies of scale. Freight forwarders often offer consolidation services.

FTAs can reduce or eliminate tariffs on certain products. Research applicable FTAs for your products and target markets. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork to benefit from preferential rates

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