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Same Day Parcel Delivery: Meeting Expectations in a Competitive Market and still keep it profitable

Planning Pays Off: 5 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Delivery Speed Choice

July 2, 2024

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It has been claimed that express delivery is the new battleground of ecommerce. Competing with amazon might be difficult, but you can outperform them by providing better, faster, and free delivery.
Shoppers, today, demand same-day delivery, which if you offer, could give you a competitive advantage. However, making it happen is literally a logistical nightmare – and one that comes at a little more expense. Making it worthwhile, or generating the additional cash required to justify its own existence, necessitates some creative thinking.
So how can you do it and remain profitable and also keep customers satisfied ? Here are some points.

Understand what customers expect

In this world of fast commerce, customer expectations are on a rise. Customers expect top notch services with same day and next day deliveries hoping that their products reach them as soon as possible.
Provide real-time tracking, exact delivery forecasts, and clear communication which are essential. Flexible delivery alternatives, including evenings and weekends, meet a wide range of consumer needs.

Streamline your operations for good efficiency

Improve logistics processes via route optimisation and task automation. Invest in technology to reduce downtime and optimize resource utilization. Adopt environmentally responsible techniques to cut costs and boost business reputation.

Include the costs smartly

The most obvious must-have is to give a variety of feasible shipping alternatives and advertise that they are free, but then add the cost to the price of the goods. You will appear on searches, and while appearing to be more expensive upfront, you can simply tout the fact that the buyer may be paying more, but they can have it today.

Build Strong and trusting partnerships

To broaden the distribution network and lower costs, collaborate with local couriers, third-party logistics providers, and crowdshipping platforms. Partners like Shipyaari can help you with same day and next day deliveries with their product Shipyaari Sprint.

You can also form agreements with e-commerce platforms or merchants to expand your consumer base and boost business growth.

Add a membership perk for customers

The other method to make same-day delivery profitable for your company is to charge for it indirectly and present it as a perk. Offering a membership system in which customers pay a monthly or annual fee to ‘join’ in exchange for specific perks and privileges can help you cover the expense of providing services such as same-day delivery.
The idea is that people pay to join, much like Amazon Prime, and in exchange, they get access to things first or at a discount, same-day delivery, more content and services, and so on. This makes it unique and the preserve of the loyal.

Final Words

In conclusion, winning in the delivery arena necessitates prioritizing better, faster, and free delivery. Same-day delivery has its problems, but understanding consumer expectations and simplifying procedures are critical.
Smart cost inclusion and solid collaborations broaden reach and reduce costs. Implementing a membership programme can reduce costs while increasing loyalty. Businesses can differentiate themselves and increase profits in e-commerce by approaching issues differently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offer real-time tracking, accurate delivery forecasts, clear communication, and flexible delivery options like evenings and weekends.

Optimize routes, automate tasks, invest in technology, and adopt eco-friendly practices to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Embed delivery costs into product prices and promote free shipping to highlight the value of immediate delivery

Collaborate with local couriers, third-party logistics providers, and e-commerce platforms to expand your network and reduce costs.

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