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How to Choose the Right AI Chatbot for Your Online Business

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June 10 , 2024

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Your online business’s success and sustainability depend on happy and engaged customers. In this digital age, cutting-edge technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) help significantly in improving customer satisfaction and service efficiency. To benefit from AI, you can deploy an AI chatbot for WhatsApp or your online touchpoints to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions.
The AI landscape is flooded with chatbots boasting different functionalities. You may feel confused about selecting the AI chatbot that can comprehensively serve your online business needs. This post will guide you to make a conscious choice.

Insights Into Selecting the Right AI Chatbot for WhatsApp and Your Online Business

The stiff competition in online business niches has forced entrepreneurs to embrace innovative technologies like chatbots. AI Chatbots offer many advantages, such as:

  • 24X7 availability
  • Intuitive answers to customer queries
  • Human-like feel
  • Cost optimization
  • Increase in business revenues
  • Automated order scheduling and booking
  • Ease of scaling
  • Quick problem resolution
  • Collecting customer insights

The popularity of chatbots can be measured by the projected growth of their markets globally. By 2025, the chatbot market is estimated to be $1.25 billion at a 24.3% CAGR from 2020-2025.

Tips For Selecting The Best AI Chatbot

The AI chatbot differs from an ordinary chatbot. AI bot can continue a dialogue with your customer even when the provided script runs out of answers. The tips below will help you find the best bot for AI chat online in alignment with your business.

Personalized Customer Service

Machine learning (ML) and AI-powered chatbots can boost your popularity as a customer-centered business. Hence, your chatbot must be configured with the following functionalities:

  • Ability to analyze user interactions to make sense of new conversational styles and intuitively adapt to more sophisticated queries
  • Customize interactions to individual expectations to make customers feel valued
  • Learn continuously to become more efficient and accurate in handling future queries, predicting user requirements, and proactively offering solutions
  • Understand the context of user queries to offer coherent and relevant responses
  • Keep the dialogue flow natural without abrupt shifts
  • Scale up to handle increasing query volume without impacting service quality

Sophisticated AI and ML algorithms should drive the chatbot you choose to keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

Integration of Voice Technology

Internet users are increasingly shifting to hands-free, natural interactions by using voice command-activated search in devices. Hence, your AI chatbot must be capable of increasing intuitive accessibility for customers by allowing voice interactions along with typed queries.
The integration of AI chatbot with voice technology can improve customer friendliness and satisfaction in the following ways.

  • Allow visually impaired or disabled customers to learn about your services
  • Empower customers to raise queries in natural language
  • Cater to customers on their chosen platforms through preferred voice-driven devices
  • Make each conversation more engaging, interactive, immersive, and personal

AI chatbots supporting voice communication promote a stronger bond with your customers and improve their satisfaction levels.

Seamless Integration with Different Digital Touchpoints

The AI chatbot you may choose should offer a consistent, high-quality, and discrepancy-free user experience across all digital touchpoints used by your business. For this, it should integrate smoothly with your website, social channels, CRM platform, etc.
The chatbot should be capable of instantly accessing and retrieving relevant information from your system. This info can be:

  • Product descriptions from inventory management software
  • Customer details from CRM
  • Data from the knowledge bank

The chatbot can thus provide supportive and accurate answers to customer queries quickly. In addition, the chatbot’s integration with different systems should help it to

  • Schedule appointments
  • Update customer info
  • Initiate product return or exchange
  • Sync data correctly with discrete systems
  • Maintain customer records accurately
  • Leverage analytics to gain insights into customer preferences

Wrapping Up

Your online business can benefit significantly if you strategically deploy the right AI chatbot in sync with your needs, customer profiles, and preferences. The AI chatbot for WhatsApp and other touchpoints can keep your customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal.
Shipyaari streamlines the selection of the right AI chatbot for your business. The perfect chatbot, with all important functionalities aligned with your business’s unique characteristics, will increase your revenues.
So why wait? Sign up today to simplify the chatbot selection and make your success soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. AI chatbot can be integrated with WhatsApp through OpenAI.

 Yes. Customers can get instantaneous responses to their common queries and can place or track orders, among other things. The resultant satisfaction improves loyalty.

It is desirable. The majority of internet users prefer voice commands over typing.

Yes. They can ask for relevant info from customers and send the same to backend servers.

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