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Expert Tips for International Courier Tracking

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July 2, 2024

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eCommerce is all about maintaining valuable relationships with consumers. There is always an excitement of sending and receiving packages across the globe; however, it is crucial to track international shipments.
International courier services are projected to reach $658.3 billion by 2031, increasing at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2022 to 2031. Considering this surge, elite courier services are increasingly venturing into quick international deliveries. Thus, it has become necessary to offer businesses and consumers the leverage to track global shipments effectively.
Besides ensuring timely deliveries, international courier tracking encourages transparency and trust with customers. Businesses are responsible for offering real-time updates on the delivery status of global shipments. This guide actually outlines some best practices used for international shipment tracking!

How Does International Courier Tracking Work?

Businesses are provided with a unique tracking number for all global shipments. The delivery can be monitored at various checkpoints throughout its journey. Using advanced tracking technologies, businesses, and customers can stay informed about their shipments’ status and location in real-time. Businesses must ensure compliance with international trade regulations while making international deliveries.

The benefits of international shipment tracking revolve around customer satisfaction, efficient inventory management, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced security of packages. Businesses can optimize their inventory levels, reduce risks, and streamline distribution processes by using the best measures for international courier tracking.

Various Methods of International Courier Tracking

There’s an array of international courier tracking options for businesses:

Carrier Websites

One of the most reliable methods to track international couriers is through carrier websites. You just need to enter your tracking number and get exclusive details about your shipment, including expected delivery dates and current status updates.

Mobile Apps

Install apps from shipping companies and get real-time updates and tracking capabilities. You can also use these apps to monitor your package directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Email and WhatsApp Notifications

Some elite carriers share tracking updates via email or text messages using WhatsApp or SMS facilities. You simply need to subscribe to such notifications and check on your package’s journey regularly.

Third-Party Tracking Services

For a comprehensive tracking experience, you can use third-party services to manage shipments with different carriers. Some even provide tracking devices or software that can be attached to packages, which helps you with real-time location updates.

Such measures help you track shipments with high-value items and ensure constant visibility of your shipment’s whereabouts.

Common Challenges in Tracking International Shipments

Tracking international shipments can come with several challenges for businesses like:

  • Inaccurate or delayed tracking data
  • Lost or stolen packages
  • Customs delays
  • Weather-related delays
  • Technical issues

Expert Tips for International Courier Tracking

Here are some best practices that businesses can use for international courier tracking:

Utilize Tracking Services

Opt for an international courier service that offers robust tracking features. Ensure that you receive your unique tracking number so that you can track real-time shipment updates. The courier service should also offer facilities like mobile apps, a WhatsApp tracking facility, online tracking software, and SMS or email alerts to ensure successful delivery.

Ensure Detailed Shipping Information

You must ensure while making international shipments, that you provide precise shipping details, which include:

  • The recipient’s full address
  • Relevant zip and postal codes
  • Appropriate contact information
  • Necessary customs documents.

Stay Informed about Custom Regulations

Always learn about the required customs requirements and regulations of the destination country. Different countries have different rules, and you must adhere to the respective customs duties, taxes, and limits concerning imports. Complete all customs forms and include declared values and detailed item descriptions.

Maintain Transparent Communication with Courier Services

Businesses need to maintain open communication with their international courier service on delivery requirements or instructions.
Respond promptly to any queries or requests from the courier service to avoid unnecessary delays. Choose a courier service that has an efficient customer service department for assistance while the package is in transit.

Plan for Unexpected Delays

You must always be prepared for unforeseen events that may disrupt international shipments.
Keep a Plan B ready and consider situations like delayed delivery, poor weather conditions, extended customs clearance processes, transportation delays, etc. Use proactive communication to keep your customers informed and make quick arrangements to resolve such issues.

Choose the Best International Courier Service

Your international shipments are not only expensive but are also of paramount importance to maintain customer trust. Choose the best courier service that can handle your international packages and help you track shipments effectively. Choose services that offer:

  • Appropriate delivery timelines
  • Key insights into the package’s progress
  • Accessible customer service to address your inquiries promptly.
  • Advanced tracking technology

Use a Multi-Carrier Platform

Streamline tracking by using a multi-carrier platform that consolidates tracking information from various carriers into a single interface. Use data and predictive analytics to identify shipment issues before they occur and take proactive measures to prevent disruptions.

Final Words

Efficient international courier tracking is crucial to ensure timely and intact deliveries. International shipment tracking is paramount in the supply chain, and it helps businesses ensure customer satisfaction and better brand reach. To enhance business success, take proactive measures and follow the best practices for tracking international couriers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you have lost your international courier tracking number. In that case, you can still track your international couriers using the order number, payment methodology, and transaction details or your details to verify your identity. Choose a courier service that offers capabilities to facilitate this process.

Yes! Several elite courier services offer 24/7 international courier tracking methodologies using technology, software, and integral WhatsApp tracking services. This helps you monitor your package at any time and, in some cases, contact the courier’s customer support 24/7.

You must consider the following factors before you choose the best courier service for international shipments:

  • A courier service that offers quick, cost-effective, and convenient international deliveries
  • Effective and 24/7 customer service facilities
  • Advanced international courier tracking methodologies
  • Easy monitoring of packages with timely delivery.
  • Positive reviews and high rankings

To receive international courier tracking updates, sign up for the notifications and consistently monitor your package’s progress.

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