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A Beginner’s Guide to International Parcel Tracking: What You Need to Know

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June 18 , 2024

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Are you a beginner venturing into international shipping options for the first time?
You may find it cumbersome to track your international shipments. eCommerce is extending its reach and this is a great opportunity for businesses to cater to global consumers.
The global courier shipment market is expected to grow from $438.5 billion in 2023 to $466.79 billion in 2024. It is further projected to reach $602.47 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.6%. This is a great chance for you to make the most of international shipping options.
It is equally important to understand the process, especially the procedure for international parcel tracking. Here is a guide that covers key aspects and best practices to track your international shipments conveniently!

All About International Courier Services

International parcel or courier services help businesses across the globe to transport goods across borders. Several courier services offer instant and express deliveries at an extra cost, for example, same delivery or next-day delivery.
This is helpful if you want to transport important documents or urgent gifts to foreign countries. You must understand the international courier service before you delve into the process:

  • Always Choose the Right Service – Select the appropriate courier service according to your specific needs. Select express deliveries if speed is crucial.
  • Packaging and Preparation – Proper packaging is indispensable, especially for fragile items. Ensure that the courier services use high-quality materials to securely pack your international shipments.
  • Shipping Rates – Look for cost-effective courier solutions. Before you fix the cost, it is important to check the service offered, delivery time, weight, size, destination, etc.
  • Customs and Regulations – Learn about the customs regulations for international shipping. Comply with these regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Package Security and Insurance – You must consider insurance for your international shipment, which provides additional security.
  • International Parcel Tracking – International parcel tracking ensures smooth deliveries and offers valuable information about a package’s location. It helps you monitor the whereabouts of your package and improve delivery management.

Let us find out more about international parcel tracking in this guide!

Why Has International Tracking Become So Important?

The importance of international tracking has increased as it provides comprehensive tracking information. International shipping revolves around a complex network of multiple handlers.
Thanks to advancing technology, courier services offer effective tracking solutions. These services allow you to monitor your parcel effectively and ensure a hassle-free tracking experience.

Steps to Process International Parcel Tracking

Here are the steps you need to follow for international parcel tracking:

Step 1 – Reach Out to the Courier Service

You must contact the shipping company to understand the delivery time and process. You can visit their website or contact their customer service department. Automated services like chatbots and WhatsApp services are also available to help you track your packages.

Step 2 – Check for Tracking Numbers

The courier services provide tracking numbers for your domestic and international shipments. When you receive the tracking number, you can monitor the progress of your package. You can retrieve the tracking number using the following ways:
Check the shipping confirmation message.
You can also find it on your account page on the seller’s website.
Check the shipping label of your package.
Keep this number safe to monitor the progress of your international shipment.

Step 3 – Track the Package

Use the tracking number to see the location of your parcel. This allows you to know where it has reached and when it shall be delivered. Contact the courier service team if you experience delays with your shipment.

Step 4 – Report Lost Packages

If your package has been lost or stolen, you can file a report with the courier company. They may assist in locating your package or compensating for any losses.

Choosing the Right Partner

There’s no single ‘best’ international courier service provider. The best option will vary based on what you require and value. After getting to know about these contenders, you can choose the one that fits your international shipping needs.
Here are some extra points to keep in mind when finalizing your decision-

  • Your Shipping Volume: High-volume shippers may negotiate better rates with certain providers.
  • Type of Goods You Ship: Special considerations may be required for fragile items, hazardous materials, or oversized cargo.
  • Your Customer Base: If your target audience is located in a specific region, a provider with a strong presence there might be advantageous.
  • Value-Added Services: Some providers offer additional services like insurance, warehousing, or fulfilment, which can streamline your logistics process.
  • Customer Reviews and Reputation: Research online reviews and industry reports to get a sense of each provider’s reliability, customer service, and overall performance.

Diverse Tracking Options

Here are some of the tracking options that elite courier services offer for international parcel tracking:

Web Portal

For comprehensive tracking, use the courier service’s web portal. After making a payment, you’ll receive a unique tracking ID. Enter this ID on the portal to get real-time updates on your parcel’s status.

Toll-Free Number

A direct way to get information about international courier services and track consignments is through the courier service’s toll-free number. Customer service representatives can handle queries and assist with tracking your international couriers.

Select the Right Software

Use software solutions through apps, WhatsApp, or other communication channels with features like automated tracking, delivery notifications, and real-time updates.


Understanding the process for international parcel tracking is crucial for staying updated on your package’s journey. With advanced tracking technology, international shipping has become more transparent and reliable. Elite courier services offer varying levels of tracking, so choose the one that best meets your needs.
Master the use of tracking numbers with one of the best shipping services: Shipyaari. The professionals will help you gain the transparency needed to ensure your international shipment is on track. Shipyaari Delta is an excellent product that you can use to send automated WhatsApp communications to your end customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

International shipment tracking numbers are assigned alphanumeric codes that help you track your international packages. You can monitor the whereabouts of your parcels and inform consumers or recipients accordingly.

When you process an international shipment, the courier service assigns a tracking number to the parcel. This tracking number can help you:

  • Track your international shipments
  • Get updated details about the parcel when it is scanned at multiple checkpoints.
  • You can use the number to monitor your shipment.

International parcel tracking is advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • It offers transparency and helps you monitor the package’s progress and estimated arrival time.
  • You can use the tracking number as proof to resolve any disputes.
  • If there are delays or issues, international parcel tracking helps identify and address them promptly.

Here are some ways in which you can effectively use tracking numbers:

  • Save your tracking numbers in a convenient place
  • Monitor tracking updates to stay informed about your package’s status.
  • Reach out to customer service if you notice delays or issues.
  • Use delivery notifications and label generators to easily access tracking information for all your packages.
  • Regularly monitor your shipments and keep your customers informed accordingly.

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