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8 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp for Business

8 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp for Business 

May 14, 2024

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Are you thinking about using WhatsApp for Business but are not sure if it’s worth it? 

We are here to tell you that it is indeed a major step to incorporate WhatsApp campaigns into your current customer service and marketing campaigns. Thus, before diving in, it makes sense to want to know what you stand to gain from it. 

In this blog we will help you understand why you need to get your businesses onboarded with WhatsApp business API.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp for Your Business 

It is one of the most used apps 

With over two billion users, WhatsApp is the industry leader of instant messaging platforms.

The fact that WhatsApp is totally free for users and can replace both paid SMS and phone calls is one major contributing factor in its popularity. It is an excellent medium for staying connected to people living overseas as well, for the same reason. Furthermore, WhatsApp is compatible with both iOS and Android.

To put it briefly, active users have no boundaries, and if you want to use WhatsApp Business, your audience is already present.

Reach people anywhere 

One of the best routes for real-time communication is WhatsApp for business. Although most individuals put off reading emails, even when they’re on the go, they usually check WhatsApp messages as soon as they arrive. You now have a far wider window of opportunity to send marketing messages.


Customers like that end-to-end encryption is used in every WhatsApp conversation. From a commercial perspective, exchanging sensitive data, such as password resets, is sufficiently safe. 

In addition, all business WhatsApp accounts must undergo mandatory authentication for the comfort of users. This is applicable to businesses that use the API and the WhatsApp Business app.

Diverse and interactive content formats

Offering a variety of formats and interactive content options for corporate messaging is one of the main advantages of the WhatsApp business app.

Recipients may engage with the campaign rather than just read it thanks to lists, calls to action, links, photos, videos, attachments, and catalogs. They can even select pre-programmed option buttons to inquire and communicate with your brand.

Messages on WhatsApp can also be far longer than SMS, where the latter only allows for 1,000 characters. With all of this, using WhatsApp for business is nearly as flexible as using traditional email marketing, allowing you to convey as much information as you like. 

Additionally, WhatsApp’s business features such as chatbots, sharing product catalogs, automated messages, and contact management are helpful methods to enhance client interactions.

Reach the world 

Any programme that uses phone numbers might be challenging, but WhatsApp makes it simple to contact someone with any country code. Although rates do differ depending on the recipient’s nation, you are still able to message individuals anywhere in the world using the same account. 

Showcase your brand 

The increased brand exposure that comes with having a business account on WhatsApp is one of its main advantages. 

A branded business profile with multimedia components (logo, image, gifs), website URL, address, and other details is included with every WhatsApp business account. 

Additionally, you can use the app’s catalog feature to list any or all of your products and provide them with a summary of what you have to offer. This strengthens the message’s credibility and improves the perception of your company.

 Level up your multichannel strategy 

In order to broaden your multichannel approach and boost client interaction in new markets, WhatsApp provides a useful and simple solution.

WhatsApp functions as a marketing tool in addition to a support one. Using direct communications, you can manage problems, collect orders, respond to questions, and provide updates all while managing marketing campaigns.

You can use a single company account with multiple phone numbers (virtual and otherwise), users, and devices thanks to the WhatsApp business API. In this manner, you can expand your marketing and customer service departments as needed. WhatsApp Business has this advantage over live chat, where you typically have to pay for each team member who uses the service.

Improve the quality of your Marketing messages 

There are practically countless opportunities for interaction using WhatsApp for Business. You can send a variety of messages, including reminders, status updates, two-step authentication, and outbound announcements (notifications). To avoid pouring your customers with emails, consider using WhatsApp into your marketing strategy. Occasionally, receiving an update via instant messaging is more handy and timely.

Wrapping Up 

In this fast moving ecommerce world it is essential to elevate your business communication game with the help of one of the most used communication apps, i.e., WhatsApp. It not only helps your business in sales growth but also makes it easy to handle customer communication.

Looking for someone reliable to start your WhatsApp business API  journey with?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, WhatsApp Business is beneficial for a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. It offers versatile communication tools that can enhance customer engagement and streamline operations for any industry.

Absolutely. WhatsApp simplifies global communication by allowing you to message individuals anywhere in the world using the same account. While rates may vary based on the recipient’s country, you can easily reach a diverse audience with WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business API provides advanced features and capabilities, such as automated messages, chatbots, and multichannel support. It allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp seamlessly into their existing systems and scale their communication efforts efficiently.

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