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5 Ways to Get Started With Automated Messaging Today

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June 10 , 2024

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Automation is redefining how online businesses communicate with customers. Incidentally, 75% of consumers want a consistent communication experience across different channels, and brands can achieve this with automated messaging.
Automated solutions, like AI chatbots for WhatsApp, make it easier for your brand to handle a large volume of customer-driven communications effortlessly.

Advantages of Automated Messaging for Businesses

Automated messaging refers to communications that don’t rely on human touchpoints. It is highly beneficial for your online business. Here are some of the advantages automated messaging has to offer:

  • Offers relevant, instant, and actionable responses to customer queries
  • Helps keep customers posted about offers, discounts, and other important updates
  • Can be scaled based on changes in conversational volume
  • Saves time for customers and eliminates queuing hassles during troubleshooting
  • Increases customer satisfaction and brand credibility
  • Eliminates inadvertent errors in the information provided
  • Reduces recurrent costs involved in hiring human agents for repetitive or routine tasks
  • Helps comply with data-related regulations
  • Caters to customers 24X7
  • Reduces the burden of human agents

5 Easy Ways To Enjoy the Benefits of Automated Messaging

You can leverage the potential of automated messaging to give your business a profitable facelift in the 5 ways mentioned below:

Implement AI Chatbot for WhatsApp and Other Platforms

AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants can be integrated with your website and other messaging media, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. These AI chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc., are driven by powerful machine learning and natural language processing algorithms that continuously analyze customer interactions and learn from patterns.
The chatbots powered by conversational AI can expertly:

  • Offer automated responses to queries related to sales support, services, and products
  • Facilitate customer self-service by providing automated options
  • Solve customer problems without human intervention by intuitively understanding human queries
  • Recommend products and extend support for order processing
  • Collect insights into customer tendencies and secure relevant information through automated questions

AI Chatbots facilitate automated messaging to enhance customer satisfaction and business revenues.

Set Up Specialized Platform for Delivering Automated Email Messages

Email automation triggers automated email messages based on predefined rules. The messages can be personalized by automation software after factoring in customers’ specific actions. If a customer, for example, registers himself on your site, an automated welcome message can be sent by email.
You will need a specialized platform to schedule and trigger personalized and automated emails to business subscribers. The automated messages can relate to product recommendations, information about exciting offers, industry trends, upcoming products, shopping carts pending check-out, and other repetitive updates.

Use a Text Message Automation Service

You can use good, automated SMS-sending software to communicate with customers textually. The software can be programmed to send automated text messages to registered or potential customers at pre-defined intervals, in bulk mode, or after a specific customer-related action is triggered.
Automated messaging with SMS software happens when:

  • Your customer is to be reminded of an upcoming payment, appointment, or overdue or when other customer-relevant trigger sets off
  • You wish to announce discounts, exciting offers, new launches, etc., to customers
  • Your customers track orders, shipment details, etc., on their own
    Confirmation or update about an action by the customer on your website or business touchpoint has to be given

Automated SMS messaging is cost-efficient and can increase ROIs by almost 600%.

Leverage Social Media Automation Tools

Your business’s human face is highlighted through social media channels where you interact with users. You need to monitor user messages and offer timely responses. This time-consuming and tedious job can be automated with intuitive tools that use natural language processing to understand comments and post apt responses.
Some tools come built-in with an analytics option that suggests the appropriate time to post on social media. You can schedule the automatic publishing of messages when the audience engages more with your posts. There is also the option of posting automated responses to user comments and queries.

Use the Automated Messaging Option of Messenger Services

All popular messenger service providers, such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, offer the option of sending automated messages. To do so, you need to edit the message and set the trigger, which will send the message automatically.
For example, the WhatsApp Business app tools help identify the recipient types who will receive the automated messages at a pre-scheduled time or against a trigger. You can then send your messages automatically.

Wrapping Up

You can unlock the explosive potential of automated messaging with the AI chatbot for WhatsApp, the SMS automation tool, or other cutting-edge software. These tools improve your business credibility and help you bond with customers effectively.
Your trusted strategic partner, Shipyaari, helps you unleash the power of automatic messaging with state-of-the-art tools. Sign up today and take your business to dizzying heights of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The chatbot uses conversational AI, ML, and NLP algorithms to achieve automation.

There are specialized platforms that help send automated communication to registered or prospective users through emails.

Yes. The AI chatbot can be integrated with other messengers like Telegram.

These tools help you post automated messages in response to user comments or queries on social media.

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