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5 Essential Shopify Apps for Indian E-tailers


Shopify eCommerce is a growing force in the dynamic landscape of Indian commerce. With more than 30 million Shopify stores across the globe, more than 5,300 Shopify plus stores, and 55,748 live Shopify stores in India, Shopify has become a comprehensive eCommerce platform where you can start, grow, and manage an online business.

Read on to explore the top 5 Shopify apps that will help you run your eCommerce retail store smoothly in 2024.


Top 5 Shopify Apps for Indian eCommerce Retailers in 2024


1. Shopify Email

Shopify Email helps Shopify ecommerce retailers connect with customers who indulge in Shopify online shopping and build lasting relationships. This app has been introduced by Shopify, wherein you can create branded emails in minutes using its drag-and-drop editor. 

Its sales-focused templates reveal products, prices, checkout links, and more directly from your store. 

Key Features of the app:

  • It helps you send branded emails from Shopify to specific consumer segments. For items, sales, restocking, holidays, events, and more, you can use their email templates.
  • You can put your consumers’ names in the preview, body, and subject line of your writing.
  • It encourages clients to purchase goods straight from your emails.
  • It helps you monitor metrics such as click-through rates, cart additions, and transactions.

Price: A free plan is available, after which additional charges may be applied depending on individual requirements.


2. Shipyaari App

The Shipyaari App helps Shopify stores streamline fulfillment, provide shipping rates, and improve checkout with their shipping app. The app provides real-time shipping rates during checkout and enables easy tracking and management of shipments.

Online retailers can save time and resources and simplify their fulfillment process with a seamless checkout experience.

Key Features of the app:

  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Fulfillment handling
  • Order tracking
  • Customizable shipping options
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Works with: Amazon (SWA), Bluedart, DTDC, Delhivery, Ekart, Shadowfax

Pricing: The app is free to install. Shipping charges applicable on each order will be charged through your Shipyaari accounts.


3. Marketing+Support on WhatsApp by Superlemon

This Shopify App helps you automate cart recovery, use the WhatsApp chat & share widgets, customize templates and campaigns, and help sellers with a shared team inbox.

Online vendors can use this software to send automated WhatsApp messages for order updates and abandoned cart reminders. They can also utilise automated WA messaging for COD confirmation, feedback, and upselling.

Key Features of the app:

  • The app’s primary features include a share widget to boost sales and a whatsapp chat widget for customer service.
  • WhatsApp marketing combined with both manual and automated abandoned cart recovery.
  • You can use WhatsApp to send COD notifications, order tracking information, and order confirmations.
  • It offers personalised templates and promotional campaigns with your personal Whatsapp API account.

Pricing: A free plan is available, but additional charges may be applied depending on individual requirements.


4. WebPlanex: GST Invoice India

Shopify e-retailers may create GST-ready invoices and obtain helpful sales reports with all the information required for GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 using this app.

There is no need to use third-party software as the app helps you with automated order data collection, after which it generates GST-ready invoices automatically on Shopify online shopping.

Key Features of the app:

  • Create branded invoices that include your phone number, address, legal name, and store log.
  • Obtain comprehensive data for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B returns in the form of insightful sales reports.
  • Support for multiple fulfilment locations with distinct GST numbers
    Receive four distinct invoice templates that you may customise.
  • E-invoice creation is simple.
  • Compatible with SMS Prime, GST Invoice, and Shopify POS

Pricing: You can choose from different paid plans according to the number of orders generated.


5. Cashify COD Order Confirmation

If you want to track and eradicate unwanted, fake & fraudulent COD orders that are increasing your expense on logistics and affecting store revenue and profits, then this is the right app for you. 

With the use of this software, you may automate IVR calls to consumers to verify prepaid orders and COD amounts. Orders in Shopify will have a tag added if a customer confirms or cancels, making it easier for you to filter orders.

Key Features of the app:

  • Verification of COD orders by SMS, OTP, and IVR calls is available.
  • The app is ready to use; no code is necessary.
  • Verification of phone numbers is effective for Prepaid orders and cash on delivery are accepted.

Pricing: Free to install, and a paid pricing plan is offered according to per received call, per SMS sent, and per OTP sent.



Thorough research and strategic integration of the recommended apps into your Shopify store are paramount. These applications serve as catalysts, streamlining consumer support, elevating customer experiences, and ultimately fostering growth in sales and return on investment.

If you find it challenging to pick the right courier, head over to Shipyaari. With Shipyaari, your Shopify stores gain access to an all-in-one dashboard, simplifying the process of placing orders, tracking shipments, managing returns, and facilitating Cash on Delivery (COD) seamlessly.


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