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4 Ways a Third-Party Fulfillment Center Can Enhance Last Mile Delivery

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July 11, 2024

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In the supply chain, the last segment of delivery is frequently the most time-consuming stage. Research indicates that it may make up as much as 53% of the overall delivery expenses. Issues such as traffic jams, ineffective routes and failed deliveries play a role, in causing delays and displeasing customers.
Today, you can book a courier online and receive package delivery service in a few minutes. Here’s where the battle for dominance continues and the concept of ‘last-mile delivery’ has become a critical differentiator. This final milestone of the journey, from a warehouse to your doorstep, can make or break the customer experience.
Here comes the third-party logistics centre (3PL), a game-changer that can significantly improve your last-mile delivery strategy.

The Challenge of Last-Mile Delivery and How 3PL’s can Help?

Businesses encounter hurdles when it comes to handling last-mile delivery. By outsourcing last-mile delivery, you free up resources to focus on core business activities like product development and marketing. Here are some challenges that can be easily tackled:

High Costs

Delivery costs often surge during the last mile due to factors like traffic congestion and frequent stops. 3PLs leverage economies of scale and efficient routing to bring down your delivery expenses.

Limited Visibility

Tracking packages in real-time can be difficult, leading to frustrated customers. 3PLs can seamlessly scale their services to accommodate your growing business needs.

Inefficient Routes

Without proper planning, delivery routes can be inefficient, wasting time and resources. Improved last-mile delivery translates to a smoother buying experience, potentially boosting sales conversions.

Delivery Window Woes

Meeting specific delivery windows can be tricky, especially in densely populated areas. Customer satisfaction can be improved by ensuring faster delivery times, accurate tracking, and flexible options, leading to happier customers.

How Can Third-Party Logistics Providers Transform Your Final Delivery Process?

3PLs are experts in managing some or all of your fulfillment requirements. They provide services such as storage, inventory control, and important last-mile delivery options. Here’s a breakdown:

Strategic Warehouse Locations

Third-party logistics providers typically maintain a network of strategically positioned warehouses nationwide. It enables them to store your goods in close proximity and deliver them to your clientele, resulting in significant reductions, in delivery times.
A wider network also allows you to expand your customer base. This, in turn, results in increasing your reach to new markets without the need for additional investment in your own infrastructure.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

3PLs have extensive experience and expertise in order fulfillment. Their team can swiftly and effectively select, prepare, and deliver your orders, guaranteeing precision, streamlining operations, and reducing errors.
Also, you won’t need to invest in additional staff or equipment for order fulfillment, potentially saving you significant labor costs.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Many 3PLs offer real-time shipment tracking tools, helping you and your customers to monitor the progress of deliveries easily. Additionally, they can handle returns and exchanges efficiently, reducing customer frustration.
Inventory management is further simplified. 3PLs often have sophisticated inventory management systems that can help you track stock levels and prevent stockouts or unnecessary delays in shipments.

Diverse Delivery Options

3PLs typically have multiple partnerships with various courier companies, giving you access to a wider range of delivery options and competitive rates.
Courier pickup and delivery have never been easier. 3PLs can handle both inbound (receiving inventory) and outbound (delivering to customers) courier pickups and deliveries.

Final Words

In a digitally enabled world, ensuring a top-notch delivery experience as a touchpoint is not just important; it’s essential. Teaming up with a 3PL provider extends beyond quickening deliveries.
It involves enhancing the customers’ experience and a large portion of shoppers are ready to express gratitude towards retailers that prioritize the final leg of delivery. Third party logistics providers offer the convenience of live order tracking, allowing customers to easily monitor their deliveries.
By partnering with a third-party logistics provider such as Shipyaari, you can streamline your delivery operations and control costs efficiently.
Once you have improved your customer’s overall experience, you can concentrate on your best-selling goods and services. You can rest assured that your logistics partner takes care of delivering them to your customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Last-mile delivery refers to the final step of the delivery process, where a package is transported from a warehouse or fulfillment center to the customer’s doorstep. It is crucial because it directly affects customer satisfaction and can significantly impact overall delivery costs.

3PL providers can reduce last-mile delivery costs by leveraging economies of scale, optimizing delivery routes, and using strategic warehouse locations to minimize travel distances. This results in lower transportation expenses and improved efficiency.

3PLs often provide advanced technology solutions such as real-time shipment tracking, sophisticated inventory management systems, and efficient returns handling. These technologies enhance visibility, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in the delivery process.

By maintaining a network of strategically located warehouses and partnering with multiple courier companies, 3PLs can offer faster and more reliable delivery options. Their expertise in order fulfillment and routing ensures that packages are delivered promptly and accurately.

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