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Understanding Ekart Logistics: A Comprehensive Guide


Every successful e-commerce CEO understands the value of logistics for their company.
By 2027, the worldwide logistics industry is anticipated to reach a projected value of 13.7 billion euros due to rising demand. This means that logistics are more crucial than ever to the e-commerce sector.
If you’re searching for comprehensive information, particularly regarding Ekart logistics and their services that improve enterprises, you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll walk you through the principles of e-kart logistics and provide a detailed analysis of their products.
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Understanding Ekart Logistics

Currently holding Ekart Logistics, Flipkart is the largest e-commerce company in India and has been a pioneer in the industry since its start in 2009.
With almost over 15,000 PIN codes served, Ekart offers a broad range of services including supply chain management, reverse logistics, and nationwide delivery. It leads the sector in terms of market share and guarantees efficient and timely delivery with 7,000 trucks in its fleet and 3,500 delivery hubs.
Unquestionably successful, Ekart Logistics’ constant dedication to quality and innovation makes it a useful partner for companies navigating the always changing e-commerce industry.

What Services Do Ekart Partners Get?

Here’s what Ekart partners typically receive:

B2B Express

Ekart Logistics has a multi-model solution that covers all freight requirements. Their B2B Express provides a wide range of transportation options, offering easy options to deliver heavy and bulk shipments.
It’s not just crucial for aiding requirements for the business’s networking, but timely delivery and covering pan India can help the businesses get more satisfied and repeat customers.

Ekart Logistics uses Air Express Delivery to cover the delivery of the sensitive shipment. This service ensures quick and secure transportation for sensitive or time-sensitive shipments. The B2B Express by Ekart Logistics aims to meet the diverse freight needs of businesses by providing various transportation modes.

B2C Express

Ekart Logistics offers B2C Express, an integrated solution that comes with Air Express and surface services for fulfilling the requirements of all types of e-commerce.
With their innovative solution, they also offer multiple payment options. These can help you improve the doorstep experience and customer satisfaction. Besides, e-kart delivery includes same-day delivery, one-step exchange, and next-day delivery-like options.

The Ekart Logistics track is available for customers to track their orders. Providing customers with up-to-date details regarding the whereabouts and condition of their orders enhances their experience and eventually raises transparency.


For a business, finding a scalable and affordable warehouse is of utmost importance. Ekart Logistics offers Grade A warehouses with inventory management to their customers.
Their extended warehouse solution helps add more value to the overall operation of the business. Ekart Logistics offers Grade A warehouses with inventory management capabilities for people in need of warehousing solutions. This offering is intended to satisfy the requirements of companies looking for scalable, affordable, and adaptable storage solutions.

4PL Solution

For Ekart partners, the company provides a comprehensive supply chain solution, taking advantage of its warehouse, network, and logistics capabilities.
Ekart Logistics’ 4PL solutions are designed to guarantee ease of doing business and optimize the cost overall. Since they streamline all the operations, it allows you to focus on your business instead of worrying about your supply chain. It acts as a single point of contact, reducing the time and hassle of handling supply chain solutions from beginning to end.

Summing Up

In addition to streamlining your e-commerce logistics, Ekart Logistics offers a wide range of services that are specifically designed to fulfil the various demands of your company.
Ekart Logistics provides a range of solutions to improve your overall operational efficiency, whether you’re searching for reliable warehouse options, flexible multi-modal freight service with B2B Express, or effective last-mile delivery through B2C Express.
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