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Top 5 International Courier Service Providers in India


The world has come closer with the increase in globalization which also gave rise to international shipping all over the world. International courier services helps retailers ship their products to their customers all over the world.
Now, shipping goods all over the world is easy but needs careful planning with an interconnected network of fulfillment centers, hubs and dispatch centers.

You need the best courier service provider in business who is well established in international shipping services and will ensure that your shipments will reach the correct destination safely and hassle-free. Hence, it is important to research and select the best out of the various international courier services providers.
In the blog let’s learn about the benefits of international shipping along with some courier partners that can help you ship your products internationally.

4  Benefits of International Shipping

1. Access to Global Markets 

International Shipping gives you a  chance to take your brand global by making it accessible to not only your country but the whole world. Thus, opening up new markets for you altogether.

2. Increased Revenue and Profitability

Once your brand gets a global recognition it results in increased profitability and growth of your business as you have clients all over the world thanks to international shipping. It also helps in diversifying revenue streams and lessen the businesses reliability from just one single market.

3. Competitive Advantage

When your brand is global and you ship internationally you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. You stand out compared to your competitors and draw new clientele because you are accessible worldwide.

4. Business Growth and Scaling Opportunities

International shipping leads to business expansion and growth opportunities. By becoming global, businesses can increase their client base, revenue, and overall size. This development potential can attract investors, facilitate collaborations, and create new opportunities for business expansion.

Let’s now discuss the top Indian international courier services that can help you in achieving each of these goals.

Top 5 Best International Courier Services in India

1. FedEx

FedEx has been in operation since 1971 and has its presence in over 220 countries globally, with a reach of over 19000 pin codes in India.
FedEx offers various types of international courier services according to your requirement, including FedEx International Economy, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Priority, depending on the location, volume of shipments, and other essential variables.

2. Aramex

Aramex is a global courier company with its headquarters located in the United Arab Emirates. It has been providing international courier services since the year 1997. It operates in India under Delhivery  and is present in more than 220 countries worldwide.
E-commerce businesses can select between two options Export Value and Export Express. The former provides quicker international courier service, whereas the other offers more cost-effective solutions.


DTDC, an Indian courier firm formed in 1990, has been known as one of the busiest domestic and international service providers in the industry . It provides international cash on delivery (COD) and express international courier services via a well-thought-out network of offices and distribution centers spread throughout more than 240 countries, including many SAARC nations and even parts of China.

4. UPS

UPS serves the Indian eCommerce business with international courier services despite the company  being a common carrier in the US.
It is well known for handling a greater range of objects, including live animals and hazardous materials. Orders placed via fast couriers  in UPS may be delivered globally in as little as five days.

5. DHL

Established in 1969, DHL is a longstanding international courier company catering to the Indian e-commerce industry.
In addition to its benefits from managing warehousing and transit, DHL is also well-known for its eco-friendly courier services. Its international courier services include transportation by air, land, and water.

Wrapping Up 

International shipping might be a big task but with the right service provider it makes your life easier as a business owner. Along with that, international shipping helps you scale up your business to new heights.
Logistics solutions firms like Shipyaari can help Indian exporters and online merchants choose the best courier partner for their needs. Businesses can streamline their international shipping processes, reduce expenses, and improve customer satisfaction by utilizing our extensive services and expertise.

Thus, make the most of  the moment and don’t let the potential to expand your business internationally be gone.
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