Top 5 International Courier Service Providers in India


As the name itself suggests, international courier services is a service with which e-tailers can ship items to customers in other countries. Shipping products across countries is not a simple task. This mammoth task calls for a carefully planned and interconnected network of fulfillment centers, hub & dispatch centers, and transportation units.

Courier service providers that offer international courier services must be aware of the legal requirements of the destination country while delivering orders across borders. The best method to ensure that avoidable delays and losses are prevented is to become familiar with the laws and regulations of the destination countries.

Navigating these possible barriers and creating an efficient ecommerce courier system for long distance travel are at the heart of international services. These work together to guarantee the greatest order fulfillment across boundaries.

The Benefits of International Shipping

Developing your e-commerce firm by expanding into new foreign and cross-border markets is important and strategic. It is crucial to keep in mind all the advantages that international shipping holds, even when some locally established firms are still reluctant to make the next investment in expanding their clientele.

1. Access to Global Markets

Businesses can increase their consumer base and access customers in other nations and areas by delivering internationally. It enables businesses to reach a broader client base by opening up new markets and growth prospects.

2. Increased Revenue and Profitability

Businesses may greatly boost their income and profitability by reaching clients throughout the world. Businesses can sell their goods or services abroad thanks to international shipping, which helps them diversify their revenue streams and lessen their reliance on a single market.

3. Competitive Advantage

Companies that ship internationally have an advantage over rivals that solely conduct business domestically. They may stand out from the competition, draw in new clients, and maintain their competitive edge by expanding into new markets.

4. Business Growth and Scaling Opportunities

Business expansion and growing prospects are made possible by international shipping. Businesses can grow their customer base, sales, and total firm size by entering international markets. This development potential can entice investors, make collaborations easier, and open up new chances for corporate growth.

Now let’s talk about the best International Courier Services in India that can help you achieve all of these things.

Top 5 Best International Courier Services in India

1. FedEx

With a reach of more than 19000 pin codes within India and operations in more than 220 nations worldwide, FedEx has been in business since 1971.

Depending on the location, the number of orders, and other factors, FedEx offers different international courier services, such as FedEx International Economy, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Priority.

2. Aramex

International courier services have been offered since 1997 by Aramex, a global carrier based in the United Arab Emirates. It runs as a Delhivery acquisition in India and has a global reach of more than 220 nations.

Ecommerce companies have the option of choosing Export Value or Export Express. While the latter offers more affordable options, the former offers faster international courier service


The 1990-founded Indian courier company DTDC has established a reputation as one of the most active domestic and international service providers. It offers Express International Courier services and International COD (cash on delivery) through a carefully planned network of offices and distribution centers dispersed over 240+ countries, including numerous SAARC countries and even portions of China.

4. UPS

Even though UPS is a common carrier in the US, it also offers international courier services to the Indian eCommerce market.

It is renowned for managing a wider variety of items, such as hazardous materials and live animals. Within five days of placing an order, it may deliver packages internationally by rapid courier.

5. DHL

One of the oldest internationally operating courier firms that serves the Indian eCommerce sector, DHL started its logistics career in 1969.

DHL is renowned for its green courier services and has the advantages of managing warehouse and transit. It provides air, land, and sea transportation for its international courier services.

Wrapping Up

All of these benefits above along with a trustworthy international courier service partner can help you scale up your business to a larger level and help you go global with your business

Shipyaari, a trusted logistics solutions provider, can assist Indian exporters and Ecommerce business retailers in selecting the right Courier partner for their business. With our expertise and comprehensive services, businesses can simplify their international shipping operations, save costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

So, grab the opportunity and do not let go of the chance to go global with your business.


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