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The Ultimate Guide to Myntra Tracking for Hassle-Free Shopping


Shopping online is super easy, but waiting for your new clothes can be dull, right? Well, guess what? Myntra has a system in which you can check where your order is anytime you need! It allows you to monitor the development of your order and enhance your ordinary shopping enjoyment.
This excellent guide here is all about Myntra tracking. It’s like having a map for your fashion journey, but way cooler!
Let’s get started!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Myntra Tracking

Myntra ensures your purchasing journey is as clean as butter, and they have a few excellent tracking tools to help you. Here’s how they work:

  • Step 1: Go to Your Myntra AccountLog in to your Myntra account and look for your orders – past and present. Just log in and click on your profile picture.


  • Step 2: Find My Orders
    Next up, head over to the “My Orders” section. You can find it on the main menu or your account page. It’s like digging into your treasure trove of fashion goodies!


  • Step 3: Pick Your Order
    Now, pick out the order you want to track. This will show you where your stuff is – it’s like zooming in on a catwalk model strutting their stuff!


  • Step 4: Hit Track Order
    Click on the “Track Order” button, and voila! You’ll get all the details related to your order delivery.


  • Step 5: Check Delivery Details
    Stay updated on the progress of your order in real time. It’s all there, from getting confirmed and packed to being shipped and delivered! You’ll know exactly when your fashion haul will arrive.

Myntra tracking lets you quickly access detailed order information, including the courier partner’s contact details. This streamlines communication and facilitates problem-solving, swiftly resolving any unforeseen delivery concerns.

Locating Your Myntra Tracking Number

Think of your Myntra tracking number as your order’s unique identifier, granting access to its location across various platforms. Find this vital code in two convenient locations:

  • As mentioned, navigate to “My Orders” and select the specific order. The tracking number will be displayed alongside other order information.
  • When you purchase a product, Myntra will email you all the details, including your tracking number.

Myntra’s real-time tracking capability eliminates ambiguity, offering complete visibility into your order’s progress. This enables efficient planning and time management by providing accurate delivery timeframes.

Understanding Myntra Tracking Number Format

Myntra tracking numbers usually come in a 12-character format, mixing letters and numbers. They usually start with “ML” followed by ten digits. Remember, the format might change depending on which courier partner Myntra hooks up with for your order.

Examples of Myntra Logistics Tracking Numbers

Myntra’s logistics tracking numbers typically follow a specific format to ensure efficient package identification and movement. Here are some general examples:

  • ML0189547698
  • ML0198759631
  • ML0748965175

Estimated Delivery Timelines for Myntra Orders

While anticipation adds to the excitement, knowing when your package arrives enhances your satisfaction. Myntra delivery timelines vary depending on several factors, including:


Deliveries within metropolitan cities are generally faster than those reaching remote areas.
Order Type: Express delivery options like “Instant Delivery” or “Next Day Delivery” expedite the process, while standard delivery takes longer.

Courier Partner

Different courier companies have varying delivery speeds and networks. Rest assured, Myntra partners with reliable services to swiftly get your fashion finds to you.

Here’s a general estimate to set your expectations:

  • Metro cities: 2-4 business days after shipping
  • Non-metro cities: 3-7 business days after shipping
  •  Remote areas: 5-10 business days after shipping

Remember, these are just estimates. For the most accurate delivery date, utilize Myntra tracking.

Wrapping Up

Myntra’s tracking function transforms online purchasing from a passive waiting game into an enjoyable experience. By fostering transparency, control, and informed choice-making, Myntra empowers you to navigate the whole shopping adventure with confidence and simplicity.
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