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The Role of Technology in Making Same-Day Delivery Possible


In the past years, technology has changed the same day delivery service drastically. Technology has become important  in elevating the customer experience. In order to keep up with the ever changing tech landscape, logistics companies have had to adapt in order to remain competitive and stay relevant in the industry. 

Various factors such as getting real time data, route optimization, ECommerce integrations, and product tracking are made easier because of technology which makes the services better and helps the brand grow. 

Let’s take a look at the technological advances one by one.


5 Ways Technology Makes Same Day Delivery Possible


1. Helps you with real-time data 

Businesses track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) using analytics software. Logistics KPIs are a unique set of metrics that couriers track in order to enhance the delivery process. For instance, incident rates or automobile accident rates are tracked by safety ratings.

The average delivery time is another KPI that measures how long it takes your drivers to complete a delivery. Your delivery management software can incorporate analytics software.


2.  Route optimization softwares help in on time delivery 

In the past, couriers had the routes handwritten and those were pretty rigid. There was no system in place for the driver to change their route in case of emergency, often making them unable to finish the delivery. But now, with the aid of route optimization softwares, it is easier for them to complete all deliveries.

Dispatch software frequently includes information about driver availability, projected delivery times, and fleet priority. Route optimisation software will, at the absolute least, reduce your costs for last-mile deliveries. All of these capabilities can be used to guarantee on-time delivery of your packages. 


3. Integrations connecting all ECommerce platforms together

Technology can be connected to a variety of other hardware, software, and tools, so it doesn’t merely exist in a vacuum. If you employ the appropriate tools, you can manage everything from tracking your packages to automatically sending orders to your fleet from one dashboard.

Most delivery management software can link with your eCommerce platform, providing real-time inventory and shipment information and managing the full delivery process. 


4. Product tracking softwares help in increasing customer satisfaction

Being able to monitor and assess data on various delivery process components is one of the most significant benefits of product tracking. Customers appreciate the feature of being able to track the progress of their packages, especially for expedited delivery alternatives like same day deliveries.

Since customers are provided with the tracking of the products and know the estimated time for its delivery due to the package tracking technology,  they now also can adjust the delivery date of their products. 

Customers also have the  advantage of contactless delivery with the new feature of signing for the box using the company’s tracking app.


5. Automation in inventory management 

Automation is becoming increasingly prevalent across many industries. Employees in retail warehouses track, store, and pack their products using everything from inventory management software. The cost of running a facility can be greatly decreased with autonomous technology.


Wrapping Up 

Technology plays a very crucial role in smooth functioning of same day delivery activities, from the first mile to the last mile delivery of the shipment technology makes it easier by helping with factors like real time tracking , route optimization and overall automation to the process   

This helps in making sure the shipments reach the end customer on the promised time period of same day delivery helping the ECommerce business stay true to their promise. 

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