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The Rise of Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery in India


The pandemic in 2020 had a huge impact on the Indian ECommerce Industry. It paved the way for a switch in the shopping habits of customers. Due to the restrictions customers had to start shopping online for everything from essentials to luxury products. Indians who preferred shopping offline had to come online and shop for things and this was the chance for the Indian ECommerce to boom. 

According to a report from Statista, the number of Indian online shoppers grew from 105 million to 140 million people from the year 2019 to 2020. Furthermore, the number is only continuing to rise.

Now, with more customers used to shopping online and with eCommerce making shopping an easy way to get products delivered at people’s doorsteps, consumer expectations have also risen. They now require services such as same day delivery and next day delivery.

Lets learn about the significance of same day delivery and next day delivery and its rise in India 


Significance of Same Day Delivery 

Consumers today anticipate being able to purchase the goods they require at the time of their need. And that is why same day delivery has become such an important service for many businesses. 

Same day delivery not only indicates your appreciation for your consumers’ time but also your willingness to go above and beyond to meet their needs. Therefore, same day delivery can promote brand loyalty and convert one-time clients into ardent supporters.


Significance of Next Day Delivery

A few years ago, the idea of next day  shipping seemed unattainable. Technology and logistical innovation, however, have changed this. Delivering products the next day is now possible because of increased automation and advanced technology. There is a demand; in fact, customers claim that next day delivery increases their likelihood of shopping online.

For customers, it is crucial to have access to next day delivery service and be able to guarantee predictable delivery timeframes. If these timelines and requirements are not met, businesses suffer the risk of losing customers and hampering their brand reputation.


Why is the Demand for Same Day and Next Day Delivery Rising in India?

The Covid-19 pandemic, which started in early 2020, and the statewide lockdowns helped the D2C category spread to untouched markets (and new pin codes) in India. Although several popular Indian D2C brands had an online presence, they flourished during the pandemic. 

All consumer oriented  industries shifted to digital commerce in large numbers as the pandemic compelled people to do all kinds of online transactions for the sake of convenience and safety. In turn, paving the way for businesses to grow. According to a survey by Inc42, the D2C market in India today houses more than 50K digital native businesses across a variety of industrial sectors, including FMCG, fashion, cosmetics and personal care, consumer electronics, and more. Additionally, the market opportunity is anticipated to reach $300 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 24% from 2021 to 2030.

Same day delivery and next day delivery (SDD and NDD) are now emerging, and D2C firms must follow the same path and deliver these services. What started with Amazon offering SDD and NDD services and disrupting the online shopping delivery space, it is not time for eCommerce businesses to offer the same value-added services.


Wrapping Up

India is one of the biggest markets for the ECommerce industry and hence it is necessary for all the ECommerce businesses to step up and provide the required services. Same day delivery and next day delivery services are a big part of upgrading and transforming the way eCommerce businesses operate. 

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