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The Importance of Myntra Tracking for Online Shoppers


Myntra is one of the biggest and most important fashion and lifestyle websites for fashion shopping in India, where you can find many different products. Thus, making all their customers completely satisfied.
The purchase of specific items from your home via just a click of a button that is delivered to your doorstep well defines the characteristics of online shopping. Unlike any other time, it can feel very annoying having to think about when you may receive a certain package in particular.

Myntra Tracking addresses this concern, allowing customers to monitor their orders 24/7. Users can track the entire shipping process from the moment the package is dispatched to its final delivery. Read on to explore everything you need to know about the Myntra order tracking system.

Myntra Order Tracking

When you order on Myntra, a confirmation mail shall be sent which contains all necessary details like shipping address and tracking number. With the tracking number given on the Myntra site, you can check the order status. the tracking number also works with Ship24 and other similar distribution partner services.

To find out the status of your Myntra order, go to the Myntra website and click the “Order Tracking” section. Key in your tracking number and then retrieve the current state of your order, which includes the date when it will be delivered.

Myntra Courier Tracking

Myntra partners with several couriers to deliver its products to their consumers. These courier companies are FedEx, Blue Dart, Delhivery, DTDC, Ekart Logistics, Xpressbees, and others. The capability of implementing shipment tracking of Myntra is enabled through these shippers.

To monitor your order sent via a courier company, you just visit their website and type in your tracking number. This will keep you in the know of the happenings of your package throughout the delivery process, detailing the current location and the expected arrival date.

Myntra Logistics

Myntra has a logistics arm that it calls Myntra Logistics that serves to fulfill all of its customers’ orders. This will be ensured through a dense distribution network of warehouses in India where Myntra Logistics can guarantee that orders are delivered to the customers in the stipulated time and are intact.

Myntra tracking is also applicable for orders shipped through Myntra Logistics. Enter your tracking number given in the Myntra shipment to track your Myntra order shipped through Myntra Logistics directly on the website.

Myntra Tracking Number

The Myntra tracking number is a unique identifier allotted to each order. You will find this number in the email confirmation that you receive after you make an order on Myntra. The tracking number is usually an amalgamation of letters and numbers, starting with ML followed by a ten-digit number.

Myntra tracking numbers are necessary for tracing your order and following its progress. With no tracking number, an item can be hard to locate and its status to be established.

How to Track Myntra Order

Tracking your Myntra order is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Find your Myntra tracking number in the confirmation email sent to you after placing an order on Myntra.
  2. Visit the Myntra website and go to the “Order Tracking” section.
  3. Enter your tracking number and click “Track Order.”
  4. You will be able to see the current status of your order, including the estimated delivery date.

Myntra Item Track

Myntra Items Track is a feature that allows customers to track individual items within their order. This function is particularly advantageous if you have ordered many items and want to monitor each of them individually.
To use Myntra Item Track, only go to the “Order Tracking” section on the Myntra website and click on the order number. Each order item status can be viewed, as well as an estimated delivery date.


Myntra’s order tracking system is a well-structured, responsive, and helpful system that provides customers with an insightful view of the route their purchase takes from placement to delivery.
With around-the-clock service, Myntra’s parcel tracking system sends real-time updates showing the status of every stage of the delivery. Myntra ensures the reliability of this delivery journey by working with dozens of reputed delivery companies and logistics providers. This ensures the goods are both tracked efficiently and delivered timely and in good condition.

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