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The Best Package Tracking Solutions for 2024


In the world of online shopping, order tracking is essential for both sellers and buyers. It keeps everyone informed about the status of their shipments, making the process smooth and worry-free.
Consider these vital statistics: 43% of consumers check delivery tracking daily, with a staggering 96% actively tracking their orders. Package tracking is deemed essential by 57% of participants in a 2023 study. This highlights the pivotal role package tracking solutions play in today’s e-commerce landscape, benefiting both customers and businesses.

Choosing the right package tracking solution is important for enhancing the overall customer experience and streamlining business operations.
In this post, we’ll cover the top 5 package tracking solutions, explore key considerations for making the right choice, and highlight additional insights. Let’s start!

The Need for the Best Package Tracking Solutions

There is an upsurge in the eCommerce sector, and the necessity for a dependable shipping and logistics aggregation platform has become apparent.
Package tracking solutions play a pivotal role in the initial stages of e-commerce businesses’ development, wherein they partner with top-tier logistics and courier aggregators and meet customer demands effectively.
These solutions help in:

  • Multi-carrier management
  • Access to shipping and courier APIs
  • Retrieval of customer order information
  • Insights into different stages of the delivery process
  • Determining shipping charges
  • Offering diverse payment options
  • Expeditiously selecting the most suitable courier service providers for e-commerce needs.
  • Analyzing historical data
  • Identifying patterns and forecasting delays or issues
  • Instilling a sense of trust and reliability in consumers.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best Package Tracking Solutions in 2024

Selecting the optimal package tracking solution involves considering a myriad of factors beyond mere pricing and geographical coverage.
Here are some of the major factors you need to consider:

  • Ensure the solution employs cutting-edge tracking technology and provides comprehensive information to customers.Opt for a platform that vigilantly monitors shipment status across multiple carriers, enhancing logistics efficiency.
  • Choose a solution leveraging predictive analytics to prevent potential shipment issues or delays proactively.
  • Evaluate features like a versatile dashboard, AI-driven carrier selection, seamless integrations with multiple platforms, and a broad range of services, including courier, warehousing, and transportation.
  • Ensure the solution caters to diverse demographics, factoring in hidden costs and additional fees.
  • Check for COD coverage and delivery speed options that align with customer expectations and industry standards.
  • Verify if the solution offers insurance for shipments against damage or loss during transit.
  • When it comes to express courier delivery, choosing the best package tracking solution requires a meticulous evaluation of these factors, which extend beyond simple pricing and geographical reach.

Top 5 Package Tracking Solutions in 2024

Below are the top package tracking solutions leading the way in 2024:

1. Shipyaari

Shipyaari stands out as a leading eCommerce shipping aggregator and package tracking solution. It is renowned for its reliability and customer loyalty, as well as its capability to manage high order volumes at competitive rates.
Shipyaari offers a range of services, including fast delivery, COD, and express COD, with integration across twelve major online marketplaces, such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

Key Features:
It provides 20+ carrier partners, multiple pick-up locations, a shipping rate calculator, billing, and weight reconciliation.
It offers order management with global shipping across 29,000+ pin codes and 190+ countries.
Offers the benefit of flexible, multiple pick-up locations for shipments, ensuring convenience and efficiency in logistics operations.
Offers multiple payment options, along with real-time order tracking and a courier recommendation engine.
Its API integration enables automated order processing, real-time data synchronization, and streamlined logistics management.

2. ShipKaro

Ranked among the top package tracking solutions, ShipKaro offers highly competitive rates for bulk orders and drop shipping.
Some of its key features are:
It lets you utilize multiple logistics partners, avail discounted shipping rates, and access global shipping solutions
It enables automatic order sync and efficiently compares prices across various shipping partners.
Offers distribution of multi-product orders among different courier partners.
It seamlessly streamlines bulk order uploads and schedule pickups conveniently.
Facilitates cash on delivery cycle support and tracks shipping progress effectively.

3. ShipDroid

ShipDroid is another popular choice among the top package tracking solutions.
Its key features are:
Efficient account management system and dashboard.
Analysis of sales and tracking orders in real-time.
Facilitates shipments via air, rail, or road through its automatic allocation engine.
Implies no minimum order requirement per month.
Offers attractive and cost-effective options for smaller e-commerce companies.

4. ECourierz

ECourierz is another leading courier package tracking solution with key features like:
Specialization in completing deliveries to foreign countries efficiently.
It is renowned for its cost-effective international shipping rates and adherence to high safety standards.
It serves over 220 countries worldwide.
It is especially advantageous for Amazon sellers as it offers specialized services for fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and even provides branding services.

5. Rocketbox

RocketBox is one of the best package tracking solutions, with features like:
Serviceability across diverse areas.
It comes with a rate calculator feature, which empowers e-commerce businesses to anticipate profit margins accurately.
AI-driven recommendation engine to assign the most suitable courier partner for each shipment.
It has a transparent billing system and a unified tracking mechanism.
Integrated with major marketplaces and caters to diverse e-commerce needs.


As eCommerce business scales, this growth demands increased resources, like effective package tracking capabilities, to ensure seamless order fulfillment.
During this crucial phase of managing heightened order volumes, it becomes important to collaborate with the best package-tracking solutions and shipping aggregators to simplify operational complexities.
In this regard, you can team up with Shipyaari to streamline your logistics and enhance customer satisfaction. We not only provide top-notch package tracking solutions but also offer comprehensive shipping aggregation services.
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