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4 Tips to reduce Shipping Costs on Exports


Shipping cost plays a very important role when it comes to businesses of any kind. When we talk about international shipping there are a lot of factors that can prove to be expensive especially for small- medium scale enterprises.

In this blog, we explore some tips to reduce your shipping costs while you are exporting your goods from India to the rest of the world. 


3 Factors Influencing Excess Shipping costs in Export Shipping 

Before diving into tips on how to reduce international shipping costs, let’s take a look at the factors that most influence these costs. 


1. Weight Discrepancy Issues 

A shipping calculator evaluates the parcel in terms of size, dimensions, and weight while calculating the cost of a specific shipment. In export transportation, weight discrepancies are seen more frequently than usual. You might have to pay more during customs clearance at the border crossings if the package weighs more than the declared weight. Additionally, shipping charges for hefty items are significantly higher than for light ones.  


2. Multiple Order Shipping

Shipping rates can differ for identical goods when they are shipped individually because each shipment may have unique packaging characteristics, such as size and weight. This diversity in packaging choices for separate shipments contributes to variations in shipping costs. In other words, when packages have different sizes and weights, it can result in higher shipping expenses, as each shipment needs to be handled and transported separately, potentially increasing overall International shipping costs.


3. Shipping Insurance 

International order delivery risks include shipments going to the wrong addresses and packages getting damaged in transit. In these shipments, the security cover is essential. Even though security protection is an extra expense, it is far less expensive than replacing or resending the identical purchase to the customer. 


4 Tips to reduce shipping costs on Exports 


1. Optimizing and Managing Packaging 

An advisable way to lower your shipping costs while exporting your goods is to efficiently pack your goods. Preferably pack them in lighter materials such as air wraps and light plastic so it doesn’t weigh much. The packaging should also avoid any kind of damage such as leakages. 

The cartons should preferably be bigger than the actual shipping material with minimum light packaging fillers to avoid any extra charge on shipping.


2. Choose from the best courier options 

It is frequently easier to negotiate a shipment method that best meets your preferences for delivery speed, shipping cost, and regulatory requirements when you work with a cross-border shipping aggregator. Aggregators such as Shipyaari help you choose between various courier options which can help you make better decisions hence leading to shipping cost reduction. 


3. Bulk Shipping 

When it comes to shipping, sending multiple items together is always more affordable, convenient, and trackable than sending them out all separately. When sending several orders together in bulk, you can also take advantage of shipping rate discounts.


4. Go for in-house security policies & prioritize insurance

When exporting high-value but delicate items, security cover must be taken into account. It will always be more costly if you choose shipping insurance from a third party than the security protection provided by your shipping partner. Aggregated shipping solutions‘ security coverage is always about 25% less than that of external providers. 


Wrapping Up 

International shipping is essential as it helps Ecommerce businesses go global with their products but these important tips on how to reduce your shipping costs can help these businesses save. By following these tips ECommerce businesses can ensure safe and secure shipping of their products.

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