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The Importance of Same day delivery in ECommerce


With the increasing number of brands offering a wide range of products, ECommerce   has seen a revolutionary evolution. Customers are now presented with excellent options and express shipping  options online. 

Every industry, from electronics to groceries, has been dramatically altered in the last ten years because of increasing demand in  ECommerce   along with the increasing competition. Thus, making it essential for brands to up their service offerings and to deliver products as soon as possible to the end customers. This is where the concept of a same day delivery comes into play. 

As the name implies, a same day delivery involves shipping your products on the same day the order was placed so that it reaches your customer by the end of the day. Such fast shipping has been made possible through strategically located warehouses and micro-fulfillment centers close to consumer-dense areas. 


What is a Same Day Delivery ? 

To put it simply, a same day delivery is when an online order is delivered on the same day that the customer places the order. It gives online customers convenience and a sense of gratification on receiving their orders on the same day. In a market dominated by ECommerce   giants, offering same day delivery can help online stores compete and thrive.

Same day deliveries enable businesses to expand their shipping options and provide buyers with quick delivery options. Besides, more and more buyers are turning to online shopping for time-sensitive and impulsive purchases. By offering a same day delivery option, businesses will be on track to increase customer satisfaction and decrease cart abandonment rates brought on by increased delivery time.


Importance of Same Day Delivery in ECommerce  


1. Competitive advantage

In the very competitive world of ECommerce   where the number of businesses targeting the same clientele, it is crucial for them to differentiate themselves. One such way of differentiating themselves is by offering services like same day deliveries. Giving such a lucrative delivery option can help draw in new clients and persuade current ones to choose you over other brands.


2. Reduces cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is often caused by expensive shipping charges and long delivery periods. Recent statistics have shown that almost 80% of shoppers go to other brands if delivery times are long and almost 28% shoppers abandon cart if there is no option of same day delivery. These numbers point to how crucial it is to offer quick delivery TATs. One way of reducing cart abandonment is by providing same day delivery which in turn will lead to improved conversion rates.


3. Customer expectations 

Today’s consumers demand rapid satisfaction in this fast-paced world. They desire the quickest delivery time feasible for their online orders. In order to satisfy these increasing minimum requirements, same day delivery is a beneficial service which increases customer happiness and loyalty.


4. Increased buying 

Same day delivery encourages customers to buy more considering they will be getting their shipments on the same day. Otherwise it would make them hesitant to place orders because of long delivery timelines. Besides, same day delivery increases credibility for the brand as opposed to those who offer longer and uncertain delivery timelines.


Wrapping up

In this highly competitive industry it is essential to have a logistics partner who offers services like same day delivery. Businesses need trusted partners who can ensure tight timelines and maintain them to help businesses improve their conversion rates and grow their business.

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