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What is POD in Courier


An effective and reliable courier service is very essential in the era of eCommerce. But, besides that, there is another crucial function when it comes to courier services and that is getting confirmation that your shipments have reached the right destination .
Without a tracking system in place, there would be uncertainty about shipments and their delivery timelines. Imagine ordering a gift for your loved ones, a highly anticipated delivery, and not knowing where it is?
Here is where the system of POD comes to the rescue.
POD full form in courier services is – Proof of delivery. It comes in handy to be updated on whether your shipment has reached the end user.
Want to know what POD is and how does it work ? Read on.

POD in Courier Services

POD or Proof of Delivery is one of the key elements of logistics. It acts as a proof which verifies if the parcel or the consignment has successfully been delivered to the end customer or the respective receiver of the parcel. POD is considered to be an important part of the courier delivery process because it helps tracking the shipment. The process of it involves everyone responsible for the shipping and delivery of the given parcel.
Now lets learn more about the elements of POD.

4 Key Elements of POD

1. Verifying your delivery

POD helps and offers the proof that the delivery of the shipment has been done to the correct receiver. This helps in reducing confusion and increases accountability in case of inconsistencies with regards to delivery issues.

2. Receivers confirmation

Now once the goods are handed over to the receiver they are required to sign on the delivery receipt or electronically acknowledge that their parcel has been delivered to them. POD relies on the signature or the confirmation of the receiver.

3. Legal protection

The documents in POD can act as a proof and a legal document to protect both the sender and the receiver against any fraud or loss or in case of any disputes in the future.

4. Customer satisfaction

The shipper or the sender of the shipments are usually anxious about whether their products would have reached the receiver or not. POD helps in assuring the same. Senders can be at peace knowing their parcels have reached, resulting in an overall enhanced customer experience.
Wondering how to track your delivery ? We’ve got you covered

How to Track Your Deliveries

Now that we have understood the importance POD holds in courier services, let’s discuss the practical aspect of tracking your deliveries.
Here’s a quick guide on how to effectively track your delivery.

1. Obtaining tracking information in the form of a unique identification number, i.e., the tracking number that you receive any time you ship a parcel.

2. Visit either the courier or the 3PL company’s websites and navigate to the Shipment Tracking window.

3. Enter the tracking number accurately and hit search to get a real-time update on the current status of the shipment.

4. Monitor the status regularly. You can also avail for notifications via SMS or email to stay on top of your shipments as they move through the supply chain.

Wrapping Up

Courier companies have modernized their systems to cater to the demands of clients in a world where speed is crucial. Delivering packages successfully depends on the Proof of Delivery (POD) system. Furthermore, by giving transparency, tracking technologies have helped clients to remain updated regarding the status of their goods and relax while their goods get delivered to the destination.

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