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Is Shopify the Best E-commerce Platform?


Since 2006, Shopify has been the one-stop e-commerce platform for digital sellers. It is well-established in more than 175 countries, with more than 4 million websites and 700 million buyers using the Shopify platform in 2023.

This magnanimous platform offers 8000+ applications to digital businesses that can help them customize their online stores. In 2014, Shopify launched its Shopify Plus Stores, which have now grown to 32,181 of them in 2023.

This is a great line for all kinds of businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 companies. This channel offers a more personalized approach to promote low-cost, convenient, and flexible e-commerce.

These statistics prove that if digital businesses want to get started in building and growing their business online – Shopify is the ideal platform that can support them in doing so!

Let us look at the top 5 Shopify features and benefits, because of which this platform is a thriving digital place for e-commerce!


Top 5 Shopify Features and Benefits

Here are the key reasons why Shopify is today’s top priority for e-commerce platforms:

1. Shopify Boasts a Humongous Number of Active Daily Users

Shopify has an attractive hosting architecture that makes it accessible and available across the clock. The e-commerce platform can expect almost 2.1 million active daily users, which is further expected to grow.

Although the number of active users varies each day, its stable architecture attracts millions of users every day. This has contributed to the growth of the Shopify platform to almost three times the rate of global e-commerce growth.

2. Shopify Promises a High Conversion Rate

According to a recent report, the average conversion rate for Shopify was 1.4%. Although this range can vary between industries and the nature of businesses, it is recommended to use Shopify’s conversion rate calculator to see more averages.

Let us consider the example of how Shopify hit a $7.5 billion record in 2023, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) e-commerce sales, the highest on record.

Such conversions and sales are attributed primarily to Shopify mobile shopping, while 10% of digital e-commerce platforms leverage Shopify’s POS features.

3. Multilingual Support Features on Shopify

Shopify platform supports 20 languages, which gives an advantage to native consumers to view content in their country language comfortably.

This feature eventually leads to better international exposure and offers a personalized online shopping experience to both sellers and buyers. Besides language support, Shopify offers extensive consumer support as more than 10,000 employees work remotely globally.

4. Exceptional Services and Features

Several other services and features make Shopify e-commerce the most popular platform:

  • Shopify offers an intuitive and user user-friendly interface, which helps brands manage their online stores well. The platform takes care of hosting, safety, reliability, and flexibility, which is crucial for building consumer trust.
  • Besides having an extensive app store, the Shopify platform’s themes and usage are designed to be mobile-responsive. It also supports a variety of payment methods, and SEO features that help brands improve customer experience and SEO rankings.
  • Besides offering 24/7 customer service, Shopify simplifies inventory management by tracking stock levels, managing product variations, and streamlining the fulfillment process.
  • The Shopify platform also offers an effective analytics and reporting tool that helps brands track consumer behavior, market trends, sales, etc.

5. Shopify Shipping Experience

Shopify e-commerce has one of the most simplified shipping solutions using popular carriers like Shipyaari that guarantee reduced shipping costs, a variety of shipping options, and robust product packaging.

Brands can also take advantage of Shopify’s e-commerce fulfillment warehouse facilities, partner with top shipping experts, and offer the best delivery experience to their consumers.



Shopify e-commerce is well-equipped with an incredible suite of amazing visual themes, well-designed features, and an exclusive suite of tools. Brands can scale their sales, ROI, conversations, and brand reach using this platform and deliver the most custom and tailored experiences to their customers.

With consumer behaviors changing and trends transforming, Shopify continues to invest in e-commerce sales and aims to build revenues for all brands that are associated with it.

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