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Innovative Packaging Solutions for E-commerce Products


The world of e-commerce is changing. From traditional large boxes, we have moved to more compact boxes that come in different shapes and sizes. However, innovation in e-commerce packaging solutions is not limited to the shape and size of the boxes.

It has allowed e-commerce companies to experiment with format, material, and much more. Want to know more about the innovative packaging solutions available for e-commerce projects? You are in the right place!



Types of Innovative Packaging Solutions in the E-Commerce Industry

While numerous packaging solutions are taking over the marketplaces, few have changed how e-commerce companies operate. Let’s look at a few of them.



1. Water Soluble Packaging

As the name suggests, this e-commerce packaging solution tends to dissolve when it is in contact with water.
The solution is created by combining several unique plant-based polymers, where natural polymers are transformed into a film. This film is then further molded into different shapes and sizes.
The best part about this kind of packaging is that it leaves no residue behind. Hence, it comes in handy while companies struggle to fight plastic pollution. Also, its versatility makes it a common choice.



2. Edible Packaging

Waste management is the biggest challenge that is faced by e-commerce companies. The problem has forced the companies to go to the writing board and think afresh.
Edible packaging is one such solution that radiates innovation and is solving the issues associated with waste management. Edible packaging is environmentally friendly. This kind of packaging enhances the overall consumer experience as people get to feel they are an active part of a revolution. These e-commerce packaging solutions are made of food-grade materials like potatoes and chocolates.

These raw materials are then converted into films and molds, which are then transformed into usable packaging solutions. However, it is important to strike the right balance between making the product edible and keeping it safe from multiple external factors, like dirt and air.
The best part about using edible packaging is that it leaves no traces. Imagine enjoying your hot chocolate and then eating the delicious chocolate cup!



3. Plantable Packaging

Sustainability is at the core of e-commerce packaging solutions, and plantable packaging is one such solution—it is sustainable and highly effective!The material is made up of seeds, and the end consumer gets a chance to plant it and see it grow.
A discarded piece of packaging transforms into a living and beautiful plant. Can it get better? The primary objective of this packaging is not only to reduce waste but also to make e-commerce consumers conscious buyers.
Now, let’s understand how this works.
Companies use recycled paper and try to put seeds in it while the paper is being converted into packaging material. The seeds remain inactive until they are not exposed to soil and water.
As soon as you put the packaging or a part of it in the ground, it decomposes and gives birth to a beautiful plant. Several soaps and toiletries are now available in plantable packaging.



Wrapping Up!

The packaging industry is revolutionizing, and it is a continuous process. Multiple new-age solutions are redefining how e-commerce companies package their products. From reusable packaging to plantable solutions, there is something in store to meet the different needs of consumers and e-commerce companies.
The e-commerce industry is now evolving as the first sector to reimagine packaging, a traditionally mundane category, and is bringing tangible solutions to different problems.
Shipyaari stands out as a pioneering company dedicated to aiding logistics firms in the creation and execution of new packaging concepts. If you’re contemplating the integration of innovative e-commerce packaging solutions, reach out to Shipyaari today to explore the possibilities.


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