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How to Choose the Right Shipping Service in Diwali for ECommerce : A 4-Point Checklist


The festival of lights, Diwali, is a time for festivities, get-togethers with family, and also a spike in orders for online retailers. Selecting the right shipping partner is extremely crucial for your eCommerce firm to succeed over this festive season. This 4-point checklist will assist you in selecting the ideal delivery partner for your Diwali shipping needs, regardless of your experience level as an online store.


4 Important Factors for your Checklist to Choose a Shipping Partner this Diwali 


1. Specify your shipping needs

Before you begin looking into shipping options for the busy Diwali season, it is important to specify your precise shipping requirements. Take the following factors into consideration:

– the nature of goods you sell, if they are normal, breakable, or perishable items

– the delivery timeline your customers anticipate 

– whether the products need to be shipped domestically or internationally

– whether you require any particular services such as insurance, package tracking, or bulk shipping solutions

The first step in choosing the best shipping provider is determining your specific shipment requirements.


2. Examine the shipping services that are offered

There are several delivery options available for eCommerce companies. Here are a few typical choices to consider:

Express delivery and courier services: Reputable delivery providers with quick turnaround times include FedEx, Delhivery, Bludart , and others.

Third-party shipping platforms: Certain businesses, such as Shipyaari, offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness by bringing several courier services onto a single platform.

To determine which of these services is the greatest fit for your eCommerce business, it is imperative that you examine their prices, delivery schedules, and coverage areas.\


3. Examine prices and costs

For eCommerce businesses cost is an important factor to be considered, especially around festivals like Diwali. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Shipping costs: Depending on the weight, size, and location of the shipment, the cost for each delivery will differ. 

Extra costs: Look for any unstated costs, such as delivery area surcharges, gasoline surcharges, or customs taxes.

Promotions and discounts: A few shipping companies provide special holiday promotions, frequent shipper discounts, and discounts for large shipments.

Cost is a crucial factor, but it’s also necessary to balance it with service quality because the least expensive option isn’t necessarily the most dependable.


4. Customer service and availability and shipment tracking

Good customer service and assistance are crucial in the eCommerce industry when it comes to answering customers’ queries and resolving problems. Here are some points to follow:

Hours of customer service: Verify that the shipping company provides assistance during times that coincide with your company’s operational hours.

Multiple channels of contact: To make communication simple, look for choices like live chat, email, and phone support.

Package tracking and updates: You and your customers can rest easy knowing that packages are being tracked and updated in real time.

Choosing a shipping company with attentive customer care guarantees that you can promptly resolve any issues that might come up throughout the shipping procedure, improving the general customer experience.


Wrapping Up

For your eCommerce business to exceed client expectations, guarantee on-time deliveries, and maintain a good reputation this Diwali, it is imperative to select the best shipping provider. By using this 4-point checklist, you can identify the precise shipping requirements you have, look into the services that are accessible, consider cost and pricing, reputation and dependability, and evaluate accessibility to customer support.

Making an educated choice can help you manage the difficulties of Diwali shipping and guarantee that your clients receive their products on time and in pristine condition, regardless of whether you’re an established online merchant or a startup getting ready for the holiday season.


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