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How Can an Effective Non-robotic NDR System Help You Make Profits


In today’s e-commerce landscape, ensuring timely and efficient shipping is important.

Over the past few years, various sectors of the transportation industry have seen a significant rise in numbers, with logistics taking up a significant share of 35%. With this growing emphasis on the supply chain, the time taken for delivery is a crucial factor for any business.

If you are not getting the required results, consider looking for reliable non-robotic NDR management strategies. This, by far, is the most effective way to optimize your operations efficiency and proactively reduce NDR rates.

In this post, we’ll explore the significant impact of NDR and learn how a non-robotic approach with a human touchpoint can be a game-changer for your logistics and delivery operations.

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NDR in Logistics- Simplified

The full form of NDR is Non Delivery Report. It indicates a failed delivery on a certain date and location without an official rejection notice from the courier company.

This is primarily used for customers’ ‘track my order‘ requests. It can be used for both online and offline stores. This helps in providing accurate information about the order. It also ensures no delivery delays, guaranteeing prompt item receipt for consumers.

How Does it Work?

From the time an order leaves your warehouse until it arrives at your customer’s door, our executives will assist you in tracking it. With a non-robotic approach, you can get real-time information on every stage of the process, including where it is in transit and how long it will take to reach.


How Does a Non-robotic NDR in Courier Work Optimally?

In the intricate network of courier services, a non-robotic Non-Delivery Report (NDR) operates primarily through meticulous human oversight, ensuring a well-structured management of refunds and returns.

This collaborative endeavor was established largely to help e-commerce businesses efficiently manage the flow of returns. 

Two major tasks are carried out seamlessly with end-to-end support:

Customer tracking

You can examine all of the contact information for your clients, including name, address, phone number, email, and order number. The information for new clients can be easily imported from an Excel sheet (CSV file). You can employ this capability if you have an existing contacts database.

Order Tracking

This permits the customer support executives to track all orders placed by customers in the previous seven days. Once an order has been shipped (or delivered or not), the system will show where that order is at any given time. Utilizing this data, you can plan ahead and ensure you always have enough inventory to meet all your customers’ needs.

Returns Tracking

Often orders marked as returns by the carrier partner may not necessarily be requested for return by the customer. In some situations, the unavailability of the customer may cause the carrier partners executive to mark the given order as returned. With non-robotic NDR, you have a team of executives dedicated to confirming the reason and timelines of the return with both, your customer and carrier partner to verify the given information and ensure smooth operations.


Why Are Non-Robotic NDR Frameworks Profitable?

They prove profitable as they streamline the delivery process, ensuring timely and successful deliveries.

With the help of a Non-robotic approach, you can communicate with customers and learn more about their needs and preferences. As a result, it can assist you in providing them with superior quality items or administration in the future.

When appropriately coordinated into your entire supply chain, non-robotic NDR arrangements can demonstrate exceedingly profitable and successful outcomes to enhance the overall success rate of your operations.

As long as you are mindful of your consumers’ socioeconomics, such as their profiles, locations, and the things they buy, you’ll indeed productively centre your promoting endeavours and boost revenue models.

Here’s how the human interaction makes a difference in profitability:

  • Advances sales and delivers leads
  • Efficiently recovers information by tracking calls and emails
  • Offers multilingual support
  • Maintains transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Reduces dependency on technology and boosts proficiency
  • Enhances business efficiency and performance
  • Ensures simplified and prompt resolutions


Wrapping Up

In today’s landscape, embracing a non-robotic and human approach is vital for boosting efficiency and profitability in e-commerce.

At Shipyaari, we are improving operational efficiency through the introduction of Shipyaari Delta, a tool to aid our non-robotic NDR endevours. It is an excellent solution integrated with WhatsApp to enhance customer communication and reduce return-to-origin rates. This way, your customers can receive real-time updates of their orders along with built-in verification alerts of personal details and contact information to ensure prompt deliveries without delay.

So, if you are looking for a reliable logistics enabler, sign up to learn more!

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