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Here’s How You Can Optimize Product Listings Using Amazon’s Voice Search Feature 


Voice search in the e-commerce business is a relatively new trend that is gaining popularity. E-commerce business owners cannot afford to miss out on this digital marketing feature. In this age of digital technology, 65% of individuals use a voice-enabled device at least once every day. One such instance includes digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, which typically works through voice commands while making shopping lists.

It is time for Amazon business owners to harness this new trend and use it to meet new business goals.


What is Voice Search Optimization? 

You’ve probably heard about SEO practices that ensure the good ranking of your business on search engines. Similarly, one of the advantages of Amazon is that voice search optimization includes the use of keywords and phrases to make your Amazon business more visible.

Using the voice search feature, business owners can optimise their landing pages so that the page can pop up when a potential customer is looking for a product. It will enable your customers to search for products online without using a manual keyboard.

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are the most commonly used voice assistants that use artificial intelligence to answer voice search queries.


Why is Voice Search Optimization Gaining Popularity? 

Voice search commands play a major role regarding why to sell on Amazon. Voice search optimization is one of the multiple ways through which Amazon sellers can experience the benefits of selling online. Some of the reasons behind this growing popularity include:

  • Access to internet services and smart speakers has led to an increase in voice search results 
  • Voice searches are significantly faster and easier, and they can be done while carrying out other tasks.
  • It is the most preferred option for customers seeking accessibility due to a disability
  • Customers can place orders across multiple platforms, book tickets, and order takeout at the same time with just a voice command. This has made voice search a top choice instead of manual typing


How to Use Amazon Voice Search Feature for Optimized Product Listings?

For optimized product listings and increased web traffic, consider the following points and get started:


Build a Strong Foundation with Conversational Words 

The first step is to make sure that you are using a natural and conversational style of language. This should be based on how people usually speak to voice assistants. Make your product descriptions concise, and pay attention to long-tail keywords.

The product listings should be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate as well. The keywords must be chosen keeping in mind your target customers.


Modify The Keywords for Voice Search and Use a Semantic Strategy 

A semantic strategy is all about choosing keywords that have a high chance of showing up in a voice search. Take time to think about the customer’s intent while buying a certain product and update the voice search keywords on that basis.

Consider the context in which certain questions might be asked, whether they are reordering a product or buying it for the first time. This makes the products more discoverable for different groups of people.


Consider Updating Your Page Speed 

Page speed is a very important factor for voice searches. If the loading pages or your site are slow, then people might choose to use some other site to shop. The speed will also prevent the search engine from retrieving information quickly, leading to a lower rank for your site.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing & Track Results

There are several points to note while optimizing Amazon’s voice search for your page. Avoid keyword stuffing or using generic phrases that will add little value to your product listings.

Voice search is an ongoing process that will fail to track results if not assessed continuously. Consider the intent and strategy behind every search query in order to avoid mismatches.


Final Thoughts 

Voice search is one of the ways most businesses avoid pitfalls and generate traffic. In order to enjoy the benefits of selling online, e-commerce leaders need to create optimized product listings using Amazon’s voice search.

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