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Ensuring a Smooth Last Mile: Challenges and Solutions for Fragile Courier Deliveries or High Value Product Deliveries


In this era of eCommerce it is easy to get whatever we want from the comfort of our homes, all thanks to efficient logistics and delivery systems. But, there are certain things that can be challenging for the logistics industry when it comes to delivering your products to the end customers. Especially when it comes to products that are fragile or high value items.

These products need extra care to be delivered carefully so that you don’t need to bear losses due to damage or loss in transit. In this blog we will learn about common challenges courier delivery partners’ face during fragile and high value items courier deliveries and possible solutions to avoid any damages.

4 Delivery Challenges for Fragile and High Value Items

One of the biggest matters of concern to any courier delivery partner would be ensuring the products reach its destination safe and sound. But, when it comes to fragile or high value items , if the consumer receives the product in a damaged condition it not only causes losses but also results in negative impressions about the brand.
Let’s look at some common challenges faced by the delivery partners and understand them better.

1. Damage

Rough handling of the boxes increases the risk of damage when in transit, particularly the corners, which are the areas of the box that are most likely to sustain damage. The merchandise within the packaging may sustain damage or breakage.

2. Theft

Whenever businesses deliver any expensive or delicate goods such as jewelry, electronics, antiques, computer parts, and a host of other items, it increases the risk of theft. These items could be easily stolen and can fetch a high price on the open market.

3. Moisture

When we consider the potential causes of damage to the package, particularly the expensive or delicate ones, the first natural aspect that packing companies need to take into account is moisture and humidity. Moisture could compromise the integrity of the packaging and make the product vulnerable to damage.

4. Tampering

The majority of luxury brands have experience with tampering. It indicates that the products have undergone modifications, changes, or damage. It results in the customer forming a bad opinion of your brand that you have worked so hard to establish.

4 Solutions to Avoid Damage During Last Mile Delivery

Following are some strategies that can be applied to address the challenges faced in last-mile delivery.

1. Choosing a proper box

When discussing the packing of expensive and fragile goods, selecting an appropriate corrugated box of the proper size and thickness would be the first step. The box you select should be marginally larger than the product to accommodate some sort of padding and cushioning.

2. Use proper cushioning

The most crucial thing to do when packing high-end or fragile goods is using adequate cushioning. The products must be wrapped using bubble wrap or bubble pouches.

The cushioning effect created by the bubbles in bubble wrap when you pack things, protects them from rough handling and harsh motions. Several businesses also employ corrugated trays or bins to make the box walls thicker and absorb as much impact as possible.

3. Individual packaging

It is advised to package small items separately in corrugated boxes before shipping them. Alternatively, if you can source the boxes for your products, you might consider creating personalized corrugated boxes. The ideal choice for high-end products is an appropriate box constructed of material appropriate for it.
After the products have been neatly packed, it is crucial to notify handlers that there are fragile objects inside the box so they handle it carefully.
This can be accomplished by sealing the packages with a ‘fragile’ tape. Alternatively, you can use a specially printed tape with your logo and instructions on how to handle the package containing your products.

4. Wrap and package carefully

It is crucial to remember this when wrapping objects in bubble wrap; if they are wrapped too tightly, the pressure from the wrapping could shatter the merchandise. The binding shouldn’t be so loose that it loses its purpose or becomes useless.
Following that, you need to ensure that premium tapes, such as BOPP brown or BOPP color tape, are used to seal the corrugated box. You can seal the tape using the ‘H technique’ while packing the boxes. in order to prevent moisture from getting inside the box and potentially harming the items. In addition, a tamper-proof courier bag can be used to guarantee that the product is not tampered with.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, dealing with fragile and high value products can be tricky and fragile items courier deliveries or high value items courier deliveries can come with a lot of challenges and unexpected situations. However, by taking precautions and the solutions provided in this blog can help in ensuring minimum damage to the products and help in customer satisfaction.

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