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Ecom Express vs Competitors: Choosing the Right Logistics Partner for Your E-commerce Business


If you wish for your E-commerce business to run smoothly, you must ensure cost optimization, supply chain efficiency, and effective customer care services. But the task might seem overwhelming and hard to do on your own. In such cases, a logistics partner helps you optimize logistics solutions for running your businesses.
This article discusses the services of top logistics partners in India to help you decide on the right partner for your e-commerce business. But before that, let’s explore what Ecom Express looks like as a logistic partner.

Ecom Express as Logistics Partner 

Ecom Express is a prime end-to-end technology-enabled logistics service provider in the Indian E-commerce market. Ecom Express is known for its state-of-the-art technology and automated solutions to enhance logistics and supply chain solutions in more than 2,700 Indian cities.
The company’s main service packages include Ecom Express Services (EXS), Ecom Fulfillment Services (EFS), and Ecom Digital Services (EDS). These packages include services like network logistics, pickup and returns, supply chain management, and digital solutions for running a smooth E-commerce outlet.
As one of the oldest and most reliable logistics partners, Ecom Express has covered more than 95% of Indian households since its inception.

Comparison: Ecom Express vs Competitors 

To get an insight into logistics services operating in India, have a look at a comparative scale based on the following crucial factors:

1. Industry Expertise

Ecom Express, Delhivery, and Shiprocket have 12 years of expertise in delivering logistics solutions in India. With such experience, the companies have already built a strong foothold in the logistics market and are trusted more.
When you decide on a logistics service for your e-commerce, they must have the experience and knowledge to handle the changing business demands.
Ecom Express shines brighter among its competitors and covers maximum pin codes in India and over has enabled over 150 Crore successful parcel deliveries, with its technology-enabled logistics solutions for faster shipment fulfillment.

2. Pincode Coverage and Reach

Ecom Express delivers to more than 27,000 pin codes throughout India, with expert logistics and tracking services. While Delhivery, with a coverage of 19,000 pin codes falls short in reaching the remotest places in India.
Pin code coverage shows that the logistics team prioritizes every order and has a reach in the remotest localities. You wouldn’t want to lose potential customers due to distance or unreachability.
Therefore, choose a logistics partner depending on how you wish to scale your e-commerce.

3. Technology

Shiprocket and Ecom Express have collaborated to provide innovations and advanced technologies for order fulfillment. With the expertise of Ecom Express and the technologies of Shiprocket logistics, you get the facilities of automatic mapping, faster COD remittance, and shipping from multiple locations.
Although Delhivery lacks in other aspects, it also offers a good set of automation and technologies for courier logistics.

4. Customer Care Services 

Companies with more experience in logistics services have a stronger customer care system. DTDC, Ecom Express, and Delhivery have excellent customer care services, incorporating automation for quicker assistance.
In addition, Ecom Express provides special account managers to handle your shipments and manage communications on different layers of supply chains.
Any e-commerce logistics system needs a smooth communication system for both parties. Prioritizing customer care services can help increase conversions and sales.

Wrapping Up

With the right logistics operator, your business will experience multiple benefits. This includes the ease of transportation, automated tools and technology in navigating couriers, reliable executives managing your shipments, and much more.
If you’re looking for reliable logistic services, Shipyaari can help. Its services include excellent customer care services, advanced courier logistics tools, varied shipment options, and a very satisfied customer following.


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