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Dealing with Non-Delivery Reports (NDR): Causes, Solutions, and Best Practices


In today’s e-commerce era, real-time order tracking and prompt deliveries are essential for customer satisfaction. However, there are instances when things don’t go as planned, and an ominous email lands in your inbox – an NDR report or non-delivery report.

According to a KPMG study, return shipments can account for up to 20% of all shipments when it comes to e-commerce. And for COD orders, it goes up to 40%. To avoid this, you can implement proactive measures and utilize advanced tracking and management systems. 

This blog will guide you through the causes, solutions, and best practices for handling NDRs effectively. Read on!


NDR Report: What Does It Refer To?

The notification that a delivery you were anticipating has not been successfully delivered is known as an NDR or Non-Delivery Report. Understanding the causes of this is the first step in coming up with answers, as there are numerous potential factors contributing to this issue.

By examining NDRs, senders can take appropriate actions to address the issues and ensure successful email delivery.


Causes of NDRs

NDR reports can be triggered by a range of issues, many of which might surprise you.

Here are some common causes:

Incorrect Address

An incomplete or erroneous delivery address is one of the most prevalent causes of NDRs. An unsuccessful delivery attempt could result from even a small misspelling.

Unavailable Recipient

On occasion, the intended recipient might not be in a position to accept the delivery. This might be the case for a number of reasons, like the recipient being away or engaged.

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

These events can scuttle delivery plans and result in NDRs. Deliveries may be dangerously difficult to make during flooding, snowstorms, or hurricanes.

Delivery Restrictions

Certain areas may have delivery restrictions, preventing couriers from reaching the destination. This could be due to security concerns, gated communities, or restricted access.

Failed Delivery Attempts

Multiple unsuccessful delivery attempts may result in an NDR. This can happen if the recipient is consistently unavailable or if there are communication issues with the courier.

Now that you have a grasp of what causes NDRs, let’s move on to the solutions and best practices for handling them effectively.


Solutions for NDRs

Below are a few solutions for addressing Non-Delivery Reports:

Verify and Correct Address Information

When placing an order, double-check the delivery address to avoid NDRs brought on by inaccurate addresses. If you find a mistake, fix it right away.

Ensure Receiver Availability

If at all possible, work with the receiver to make sure they will be open when the delivery is scheduled. There are numerous courier services that let you schedule deliveries for convenient times.

Keep Up With Weather Conditions

Keep an eye on local weather forecasts to foresee any hiccups. Consider delaying the delivery or notifying the receiver if bad weather is predicted.

Address Delivery Restrictions

If you’re aware of delivery restrictions in your area, communicate this information when placing an order. Provide additional instructions or contact the courier service to find alternative solutions.

Track Your Order

Regularly check the tracking status of your order. If you notice any issues or delays, proactively contact the courier company for updates and resolution.

Maintain Proper Communication

Provide whatever information is required to remedy the issue in response to NDR notifications quickly.

Document Everything

Maintain a log of all correspondence with the delivery service, including timestamps, tracking numbers, and reference numbers.



Dealing with Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs) is a crucial skill in the fast-paced world of logistics, where customer demands are higher than ever. 

Keep in mind that NDRs are opportunities to demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence rather than obstacles. 

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