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How to Choose Your Carrier Partner for International Shipping


As a business owner have you ever heard “Choosing the right carrier partner especially if you ship internationally is one of the most crucial decisions you need to make”?

When it comes to expanding the boundaries of your business by going international, partnerships, including the right carrier partner, are key. After all, your products need to reach their destination in a safe and timely manner, else, any shipping damage can prove costly for you. Additionally, you need to factor in the weight of your shipments, the product you’re shipping, its destination, where you’re shipping it from and its cost. 

Sounds overwhelming? Worry not. In this blog, we help you identify the considerations to make before choosing a carrier partner. 

6 Considerations for Choosing a Carrier Partner for International Shipping

With the recent eCommerce boom and businesses now exploring markets beyond the borders of their countries, they are using multiple carrier partners to manage shipments. Add to this the growing competition in this space, it has become increasingly difficult to select among them. 

Here’s a simplified list of considerations to make when choosing a shipping carrier partner.


When shipping internationally, you need to begin by identifying which countries and locations you will be shipping to. Most carrier partners offer a different reach and the ideal one for you would be one that can get your product to its destination country safely and on time.
Furthermore, if you send your products to specific regions within any country, select a carrier partner that has expertise in that region. Most shipping carriers have a wide network across the globe and can help you get your product to your customers regardless of where they are located. 

Pricing Model

The cost of shipping your product is usually the most important factor to consider. If you are selling a low-value product with low margins, you require a carrier partner with low shipping costs. On the other hand, selling a high-value item usually calls for expedited delivery and insurance coverage. In this case, the cost of shipping is not that important a factor. 
Overall, finding the cheapest carrier partner can largely affect your bottom line. But, it makes more sense to find a reliable carrier partner that offers the most competitive rates for both standard shipping and express shipping.
Tip: Keep in mind the customs duties and taxes charged at the destination country that usually range from 10-25%.

Delivery Speed

Shipping your products is one part of the customer journey where speed matters the most. Thus, making it one of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a carrier partner.
Normally, there are 2 shipping speeds: standard and express. If you want your products to reach your customer without burning through your bank, opt for the standard shipping option. But, if it is absolutely crucial to get the orders across urgently, especially in case of perishable products, opting for the express shipping option is the best way to go.

Dimensions and Weight of the Shipment

After considering the distance that your product needs to travel, you also need to focus on its size and weight. It cannot be stressed enough how crucial it is to optimally pack your packages. It can make or break your international business. As a rule of thumb, remember, smaller and lighter packages will cost less to ship internationally.
If yours is a product that is big and heavy, find a carrier partner that offers the best rates for shipping internationally.
Note: Most carrier partners calculate their rates based on volumetric weight and not the actual weight of the package.


Shipping internationally takes much longer than shipping domestically and having no visibility on the movement of the package can be frustrating for the customer. Imagine waiting for a package that is supposed to take 7 days to reach you but you have no idea of where it is. Customers should be able to track the package’s location, ETA and delays, if any. Furthermore, you can also ensure that your package reaches its destination on time by tracking them.
It is absolutely crucial to consider the tracking capabilities of carrier partners besides their speed for international shipping. 

Additional Services

Apart from transportation, carrier partners have expanded their service offerings to include services such as packaging, labeling, warehousing, express COD remittance, eCommerce website integrations, and more. Take into factor all these additional services before selecting a carrier partner.
Having the right permutation and combination of additional services will help you give an elevated experience to your customers.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a carrier partner for international shipping involves a lot of considerations and you must take time to carefully evaluate your options before selecting one. Going global is a pivotal choice for any business and to climb this intercontinental ladder, you need excellent logistical support.

With Shipyaari, you don’t need to spend time selecting one. You can gain access to 5 leading carrier partners for shipping internationally to 190+ countries around the world so your customers can enjoy a seamless experience with your brand. With easy documentation and no minimum order commitment with Shipyaari, it’s time to take your business to the next level.


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