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A Comprehensive Guide to B2B Bulk Shipping in E-commerce


In today’s scenario, B2B bulk shipping plays an indispensable role in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

If you run a B2B e-commerce company, you may have varied needs, such as transporting large amounts of goods across countries and continents. In most cases, a regular courier partner is not equipped to function as a bulk carrier to fulfill those needs.

Different types of B2B eCommerce businesses may need to take delivery in bulk to their warehouses or need bulk orders dispatched in small batches to multiple customers. These problems require specialized solutions.

In this article, we’ll examine B2B shipping issues and how bulk carriers address them.

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Strategizing Logistics for a B2B eCommerce Company

Below are strategies and best practices for optimizing logistics in a B2B e-commerce setting:

Improve Logistics Management

Effective B2B logistics management enables companies to determine the ideal routes, suppliers, and acquisition cycle to ensure that resources arrive on time. So, how can one achieve this? By leveraging data analytics, fostering supplier relationships, and optimizing acquisition cycles.

Improve Route Management

Oftentimes, especially for surface cargo, roads can remain closed. Robust B2B logistics strategies enable companies to detect route availability through improved route management systems, resulting in on-time delivery. This is why it’s vital to integrate real-time tracking and predictive analytics into route management to navigate challenges and ensure timely deliveries.

Focus on Resourcing Management

Backorder delays, unnecessary fees, shipping expenses, and other elements are all calculated and managed through B2B logistics methods. Make sure you can consider parameters, such as source-to-destination distance and transportation prices from one zone to another, calculate add-on service charges, and improve their material resourcing.

Understanding B2B Bulk Carrier Services

A bulk carrier is a merchant ship constructed specifically to transport unpackaged bulk cargo in its cargo holds. They make up 21% of the world’s merchant fleets. However, just ferrying cargo across oceans is not enough. There needs to be an effective network to ensure the goods that have reached the land get distributed across the region.

Below are the B2B bulk carrier services that are essential for businesses in today’s global marketplace:

Full Truck Load

Businesses that transport large volumes of goods across India can book entire trucks for transporting their goods. A good logistics provider will have pickup, loading, and moving services set up at your convenience.

Part Truck Load

If your company dabbles in a smaller quantity of goods, you need not worry about paying for an entire unit. In such a case, shared truck services are the way to go.

Air Cargo

Air cargo accounts for less than 1% of trade by volume but makes up 35% of all global trade by value. For businesses in a hurry and dealing with expensive items, a logistics partner that offers air travel is essential.

Rail Cargo

For transporting bulk goods, there is no alternative to Indian railways. They are efficient and safe and can transport massive volumes of goods at a time. If your business deals in bulk, your logistics partner must provide transport via railway.

Surface Cargo

If you want real-time tracking and pre-planned delivery, there is no better way to transport your goods than via roads in a truck. This is a controlled environment, and you can remain updated in real-time about the whereabouts of your goods. Surface cargo can be in bulk or smaller volumes. All you need is a provider willing to do a good job.


What’s Next?

If you are a B2B eCommerce company facing issues with bulk shipping, we hope this article helped you gain a little more clarity on what your next step should be. Your logistics partner should be aligned with your business, and when it comes to bulk shipping, the business advantage a well-strategized shipping service provides is unparalleled.

Finding the right bulk carrier may seem cumbersome; however, with the right B2B logistics partner, it can be a hassle-free experience. In case you have exhausted all other avenues, Shipyaari can help. Our logistics solutions will help you navigate the complexities of bulk shipping, ensuring you receive the most efficient and cost-effective service tailored to your specific needs. 

Reach out today and watch your business gain new heights!

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