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7 proven hacks to grow your business with Shopify and Amazon


Amazon stands tall in the vast e-commerce landscape, accounting for over 40% of online sales—an indispensable platform for businesses. This highlights the importance of Amazon as a dominant force in today’s landscape.

On the other hand, Shopify has become a prominent choice for e-commerce entrepreneurs that offers a versatile platform for creating and managing online stores.

If you’re wondering how to increase sales on Amazon and Shopify, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will explore tactics to attract visitors, optimal promotion channels, and techniques to transform visitors into loyal buyers. 


7 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Sales on Shopify and Amazon

Here are seven proven strategies to help boost your sales on Shopify and Amazon:


1. Post Product Listings on Social Media

By enlisting your products on social media, you can reach a vast audience and generate interest in your offerings.

Follow the strategies mentioned below to boost traffic to your Shopify and Amazon listings:

  • Utilize Active Channels

Start your social media campaigns on active platforms to drive traffic effectively. Also, create compelling posts that resonate with your audience, prompting them to explore your listings.

  • Generate Engaging Content 

Create interactive posts – videos, enticing discount codes, contests – that spur action and steer followers to your listings.

  • Focus on Influencer and Affiliate Partnerships

Maximize your impact by collaborating with influencers or tapping into affiliate programs. These partnerships extend your visibility beyond your immediate circle through custom links, harnessing the sway of influential personalities to drive sales.

2. Acquire Trust through Reviews

Given that a sizable majority of consumers—more than 60%, according to a study—initiate their product research on Amazon, reviews on Amazon have the ability to affect a variety of platforms, including your Shopify website.

Write polite, unobtrusive emails asking for feedback and discreetly resolve any issues before unfavorable reviews surface.

Genuine customer reviews can be prompted by a gentle confirmation email followed by a courteous follow-up email a few weeks after the product is received. These Amazon selling tips strengthen your brand’s online presence and fortify trust.

So, make sure to actively solicit and manage customer reviews to boost trust and credibility across both Amazon and your Shopify website.

3. Cross-Sell on Shopify

Curious about how to increase sales on Shopify? Explore Shopify’s Amazon sales channel to showcase your products to millions of Amazon shoppers effortlessly.

Utilize apps like CedCommerce Amazon Channel from the Shopify App Store to seamlessly integrate Amazon accounts. Embrace Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) to manage inventory efficiently and order fulfillment through Amazon’s centers.

Making sure you have an Amazon Seller Central account before using fulfillment services is one of the best Amazon selling tips.

To ensure the efficiency of these operations by seamlessly creating Amazon listings directly within Shopify, maintaining synchronized inventory levels between the two platforms, managing Amazon orders through Shopify, and meticulously monitoring overall sales performance.

4. Amplify Exposure with Amazon Advertising

Wondering how to increase sales on Amazon? Amazon Advertising is the answer. It presents an inclusive avenue for digital ad investment, accommodating diverse budgets through cost-per-click sponsored products.

This flexible advertising realm offers a spectrum of ad types—audio, video, sponsored brands, and custom capabilities—enabling an expansive customer outreach.

5. Improve Product Branding

A strong brand presence distinguishes your product in search results and instills trust in shoppers, signaling reliability and credibility. So, demonstrate your brand’s essence by conveying a compelling story, unique value propositions, and consistent visual elements.

6. Optimize Listings with Relevant Keywords

Amazon and Shopify’s algorithms prioritize relevance, aligning with users’ search intent. It emphasizes the significance of precise keyword inclusion within product titles, descriptions, and features.

In this regard, integrating relevant, high-value keywords ensures prime placement in search results, mirroring Google’s traffic distribution where top-ranked sites capture the most attention.

7.  Accelerate Your Store’s Loading Time

Optimizing website speed is crucial, as 47% of consumers expect a load time of under two seconds. This highlights the importance of enhancing your store’s loading speed.

Make sure you use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), reduce the amount of JavaScript and CSS, and compress images without compromising quality to address this demand.

Also, reduce the number of redirects and fix broken links to guarantee a swift and seamless shopping experience that successfully grabs and retains customer attention.



With the help of these Shopify and Amazon selling tips discussed above, you can boost sales, achieve sustainable growth, and increase visibility—all of which will cause your business to take off.

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