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7 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies For Small E-commerce Indian Businesses


At present, over 12 lakh sellers use Amazon India, and over 40 lakh small businesses have been digitalized. This figure is a testimony to the fact that Amazon, for small businesses, is a highly saturated marketplace.

For any small business navigating the dynamic realm of Amazon or other E-commerce platforms, the need for effective marketing strategies is paramount to enhance Return on Investment (ROI). If you’re a small E-commerce business in India seeking insights to fortify your customer base, you’re in the right place!

In this post, we explore the top seven well-researched marketing strategies that can significantly elevate the standing of small E-commerce businesses in India. 


7 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies for Small Ecommerce Indian Businesses

Below are the top strategies that empower small e-commerce businesses in India to maximize their marketing impact without breaking the bank:


1. Opt For Multichannel Advertising

An approach known as omnichannel marketing makes sure that customers have a seamless and uniform online and offline experience. As a result, consumers can convert with ease via any channel—whether it be an eCommerce website, social media platforms, or a physical store.

This strategy results in increased sales conversions, even in cases of those using Amazon for small businesses.

Technology such as content management systems, QR codes, and live chat tools are frequently used in successful omnichannel campaigns to provide the best possible shopping experience.


2. Include Q&As in Your Product Listings on Amazon

Not all small businesses selling on Amazon actively manage the product Q&A section, which is available on each item’s listing and is a useful marketing tool for Amazon.

Your company can engage with both present and potential customers by actively participating in the Q&As for your products. Your answers help potential consumers who see your product listing and have identical inquiries in addition to the original posters.


3. Embrace Email Marketing

Email marketing has a high return on investment, and astute Amazon for small business sellers must not neglect it.

It is an affordable way to reach a big audience. Make a mailing list of both present and future clients, then use it to distribute newsletters or sales emails regularly.

Implement the following strategies for optimal results:

  • Consider and be creative when writing your subject lines
  • Ensure that each email contains an offer that motivates your readers to proceed
  • Keep tabs on your progress and conduct A/B testing to determine which offers and texts appeal to your list


4. Utilize Social Media

Social media is useful for promoting your business and goods, as over 70% of consumers use it to educate their purchasing decisions.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are effective resources for connecting with new clients and advertising for your business. You can establish connections, raise brand awareness, and improve website traffic by developing an effective online presence.

Make sure you use trending hashtags to improve your visibility on social media sites. This not only catapults your content into wider conversations but also ensures that your brand remains dynamic and engaged in current trends.


5. Upgrade the Packaging for Your Products

Given that over 60% of a business’s revenue originates from customer loyalty, an Amazon small business account needs to do well to cultivate a loyal base of customers. Traditional marketing is still an effective means of fostering brand loyalty, even in addition to digital marketing.

Whether you use Amazon shipping for small businesses or handle product orders internally, you can market your product’s features, advantages, and other details through its packaging in addition to building relationships with new clients.


6. Utilize Video Marketing

Most of your prospective customers can see a detailed image of the product they are intrigued by by watching a video.

A customer surfing through your Amazon store may be unsure of the product appeal in person. However, putting product videos on the platform fixes these kinds of problems.

Customers who watch product videos are better able to make snap decisions without second-guessing. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Amazon incorporates video into all of its advertising campaigns and product listings.


7. Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Incorporating affiliate marketing into your strategy involves compensating affiliates with a commission for each product sold through their referral links—an effective and low-risk method of promoting your brand.

Beyond the direct revenue benefits, affiliate marketing serves as a budget-friendly approach to enhance your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and bolster organic web traffic. Every click on an affiliate link directs potential customers to your product pages, contributing to increased visibility and potential conversions.

To kickstart your affiliate marketing program, establish a dedicated page on your e-commerce website. Encourage content creators and influencers to apply and join your affiliate network, fostering a collaborative approach that benefits both your brand and your affiliates.


Wrapping Up

The surge in online shopping preferences has notably favored small e-commerce Indian businesses in recent times. Because of this, Amazon for small businesses requires effective marketing plans to draw in the intended customer base to their online store. 

Make sure you follow the latest marketing trends and employ strategies that resonate with your target audience. 

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