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5 Tips to Reduce Order Fulfillment Errors


With over 95% of all purchases projected to occur through e-commerce by 2040, having an efficient and reliable order fulfillment process is crucial for success in this highly competitive business world. 

Order fulfillment is the journey of an order from placement to delivery at the customer’s doorstep, including storage, picking, and shipping from your nearby warehouse.

Errors in the order fulfillment process can negatively impact the customer experience. They can frustrate customers, leading to negative reviews and reduced sales, further damaging your business’s reputation. 

In this blog, we will explore various errors that can affect the order fulfillment process, so you can avoid them and ensure a smooth experience for your customers.


Errors Affecting the Order Fulfillment Process

A variety of errors can affect the order fulfillment process and thwart your plans of making a successful delivery, resulting in customers feeling unhappy and dissatisfied.

Make sure you’re aware of the following range of errors that are prone to affecting the order fulfillment process:

  • Poor Inventory Management

This error pertains to the staff finding it difficult to locate items and being unable to ascertain whether the items are in or out of stock due to the disorganization of the warehouse. 

  • Mistakes in the Recording List

Manually recording errors can lead to mistakes, such as spelling mistakes, mishearing, sequencing mistakes, etc., leading to the delivery of the wrong products. 

  • Poor Quality Control

This error pertains to the existing items in the warehouse being subpar, expired, or damaged. 

  • Ignoring Key Performance Indicators

This error pertains to ignoring important KPIs like an increase in order lead time, decrease in on-time delivery, number of orders picked every hour, etc., and thus not making data-driven decisions. 

  • Packing or Shipping-Related Mistakes

Miscommunication or lack of communication can lead to packing of the wrong items, shipping items to the wrong location, and delivery delays. 

  • Lack of Technological Integration and Automation

This makes the order fulfillment process more labor-intensive, time-consuming, and replete with order recording, packing, and shipping-related issues. 


Tips for Reducing Order Fulfillment Errors

While there exist a great number of fulfillment errors, the good news is that you can mitigate them by sticking to a few strategies.

Here are a few vital strategies that can aid you in minimizing order fulfillment mistakes:

  • Assess Your Present Performance

The first step in order fulfillment error reduction involves assessing your current performance. You can use value stream mapping, process mapping, and other tools to assess your process and performance.

This will help you identify the gaps and root causes of errors. Once you identify the inefficiencies, you can work towards correcting them.  

  • Integrate and Automate Your Systems

Connect your systems to warehouse optimization software to automate tasks like barcode scanning, labeling, and logging goods in and out during the fulfillment process. 

Integration and automation with various software ensure proper management of inventory, reducing the errors human beings are prone to commit and saving valuable time. 

  • Decrease the Steps Involved in the Process

Having a large number of steps involved in the order fulfillment process can make it very complicated. Your staff can find it cumbersome to keep track of every step, leaving scope for mistakes. Thus, it’s essential to decrease the number of steps involved in the fulfillment process and only include those steps that are indispensable. This will make the supply chain workflow simple and efficient. 

  • Educate and Train Your Staff

The order fulfillment process involves handling products by hand up to 20 times before shipping. This makes educating and training your staff a necessity.

Training staff involves empowering them with the necessary tools and skills so that they perform their tasks efficiently. Training also ensures that your staff follows quality protocols religiously, without error. 

  • Choose the Right Warehouse 

Selecting the right warehouse near you is vital for successful order fulfillment. Choose a warehouse that is located strategically and has the capacity for technological automation.

This will ensure high accuracy in order fulfillment, speed up the shipping time, and positively enhance the customer experience, thereby boosting your business’s reputation. 



Mitigating order fulfillment errors using these strategies will ensure a positive delivery experience for your customers and boost your business’s sales by a large amount. 

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