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3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in eCommerce


An eCommerce business can reach long-term and resolute success only through successful customer retention. Not to mention how important word of mouth plays in taking its business forward. To this end, businesses across the globe are striving to develop business models that are customer-centric with the best possible solutions.

One of the most effective ways to make a noticeable difference is by choosing the best delivery partner for eCommerce. eCommerce shipping solution tracking has been known to build trust in customers. But there are quite a few ways a business can improve the customer experience.

Customer experience has been the most important factor in making repeat purchases for 94% of consumers worldwide. So today, we look at the top 3 ways to improve your customer’s experience.


Top 3 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

1. User-Friendly Design

The first impression of your business is your page design. The more eyeballs it attracts, the easier it is for you to grab customer attention. But it’s not just the design that matters.

Intuitive UX, or user experience design, is the key factor here. The easier your website is to use, the longer a prospective customer will spend on it.

But did you know that your logistics partner also plays a role in how your webpage looks? A shipping API pulls data from an external server to display the required information on your website. The more flexible the data set your partner offers, the better the design you can display for your customers.


2. Personalised Experience

Personalization is a key factor that affects conversions. In eCommerce, personalization is a feature where customer interactions and experiences are tweaked based on factors such as geographic location, language use, browsing patterns, and previous purchases.

This allows you to lead your customers to products they are most likely to be interested in, thereby effectively converting browsing into a purchase.

One section of personalization often neglected is the delivery partner. A good delivery partner works with multiple couriers, thereby allowing you to present to your customer a localised solution. They also understand user behavior based on location and have the best warehousing solutions available for early delivery. This greatly impacts your business.


3. Effective Communication

Effective communication is perhaps the most important factor that leads to repeat customers. Live chat services are much sought-after for post-purchase support, especially for shipping. They are also often a deciding factor for a customer purchasing a product.

Real-time tracking of an ordered product fuels transparency and helps build trust. Customers can feel more comfortable receiving products they have spent good money on if they can look up their status at all times. Having one of the best delivery partners for eCommerce will allow you to leverage this service for your customers.


Shipyaari: Your Trusted eCommerce Shipping Solutions Tracking Partner

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