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3 Delivery Challenges with Same-Day Delivery


Even though more and more retail stores are now shifting to eCommerce platforms, some still remain in brick and mortar stores. On the other hand, businesses that focus solely on online sales, like Amazon, have stepped up their service offerings to include same day delivery. All of it in an effort to increase ECommerce revenue. As a result, newer standards for same-day delivery are being established.

Offering same day delivery service has several challenges besides it being expensive. To speed up delivery, a lot of businesses, both big brands and small stores, are using online platforms that also provide same day delivery. 


Why is the Demand for Same Day Delivery Growing?

Businesses can increase revenue from ECommerce sales by utilizing local inventory and offering same day delivery, and in-store pickup. This omnichannel strategy is especially important at this time when more consumers are purchasing online and less are visiting physical stores. 

The demand from customers for same day shipping is soaring. Many businesses that handle their delivery operations will need to discover technological solutions that will lower their delivery costs without increasing charges for the final consumers.


Reasons for the increasing demand 

  1. According to a report by Adthena, faster shipping is driving conversion since paid search ads featuring ‘same day’ have grown, increasing conversion online by 5x.
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic got people to resort to online shopping for all their needs, thus changing their shopping habits at large. Same day delivery helps avoid cart abandonments when the order fulfilments are faster. 
  3. Customers crave immediate satisfaction, and same day and next day delivery fulfills that desire by providing products almost instantly. Thus, improving customer experience.
  4. Busy lifestyles demand convenient shopping, and fast deliveries save customers time and effort. Same day and next day deliveries make it convenient for them. 


3 Challenges of Same Day Delivery


1. Limited Manpower 

Some businesses don’t have adequate manpower to deliver their products on time. Hence it leads to more pressure on the last mile delivery providers to pay extra or offer more benefits to get more drivers for the job resulting in increased cost.


2. Inefficient dispatch arrangements 

For planned deliveries, the majority of businesses employ dispatchers. If they arrive before the deadline, deliveries can even be planned for the following day.

However, due to the lack of time to assess the fleet availability for on-demand delivery orders, obsolete dispatching software or manual dispatching are ineffective for same-day deliveries. There isn’t enough time to determine which fleet will be able to deliver the order most affordably or which driver will be closest to the delivery site. 


3. Order delivery distance from customers 

ECommerce is expanding more quickly than businesses’ supply chains. Making it particularly difficult for businesses to keep up with the demand and maintain local inventory. ECommerce has also made its way into suburban and rural locations, where usually retailers have local fulfillment centers or store footprints close enough to clients to offer same day delivery.

It is hard to ensure that goods will be available on demand and in real time without precise inventory management and a supply chain centered on local fulfillment. 


Wrapping up 

Same day delivery might sound very stress free to the end customer as it ensures the products reach them the same day. However, it can often be a challenge for ECommerce businesses as they ensure everything from start to finish. Selecting a reliable logistics partner can save them from worrying about the challenges and concentrate on their businesses entirely. Logistics partners like Shipyaari and their services like Sprint  help the businesses make their same day delivery hassle free. 

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