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Why ship globally with Shipyaari?

Global Network

Ship to 190+ countries with our wide reach across the globe and establish a global presence for your brand.

Best Carrier Options

Ship with the top 5 carrier options best known for their international shipping services. – Aramex, Fedex, DHL, DTDC, UPS

No Minimum Order Commitment

New to international shipping? Explore the global markets hassle-free with our no minimum order commitment policy.

Easy Documentation

Minimum documentation required to help you get started easily and quickly. All you need is an Import Export Code (IEC).

Live Tracking Updates

Gain live tracking updates on SMS to gain real-time visibility of your shipments as they travel across the globe.

Free Insurance Coverage

With our insurance coverage up to USD 100 for lost international shipments, you need not worry about losses!

Dedicated Key Account Managers

Get support and assistance throughout the shipping process in a personalized manner.

Cost Savings

Get express clearance and delivery for shipments below ₹ 25,000 and guidance on packaging to avoid damaged shipments.

3 Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Add your orders

Easily import all your orders across channels with our API integration and select the shipments.

Step 2: Choose a Carrier Partner

Select a courier partner based on your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can also pick a partner based on our AI-driven recommendation engine.

Step 3: Pack, Ship & Track

Pack your shipments, print labels and hand them over to the courier partner. Following that, you can track your order and get real-time visibility on our dashboard.

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Sellers display of affection

Amith Hebbar

We use Shipyaari for our family business’ e-commerce needs and they’ve always been providing consistently good service at affordable rates. For any issue raised, TAT is very good and we’re happy clients of Shipyaari.

Mini Kiki

Ms. Padmini always helps in resolving any finance related issues like COD payments and billing quickly. Ms Shweta also effectively resolved customer and delivery issues. Love the response and quick appropriate solutions.

Arjav Shah (Shodrobe)

Shipyaar’s rates are reasonable and they deliver on time. Overall, excellent and reliable to work with. Saniya and Vishal sir have always come through for any problem and are ready to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

Shekhar Pandey

Earlier I worked with a shipping company that handled my glass products casually causing my reviews to drop and complaints increased. With Shipyaari, I have not faced any issues. Highly recommend it!

Manish Joshi

Dinesh is a rockstar who always goes out of the way to ensure seamless deliveries. He is the reason our RTO is almost zero. Well done Shipyaari for nurturing talent and being one of the best logistics aggregators.

K Srinath Reddy 

Good service! I have use your services regularly and am very satisfied with it. Very reliable and helpful company that is efficient, provides prompt delivery and friendly service. Always happy to help and friendly staff.

Conns India

One of the best aggregators that I have been dealing with for almost a year now. What I find best about them is the pricing and back-end delivery support. No other aggregator offers support like them. Highly recommend Shipyaari.

Khusbhoo Pandey

Shipyaari provides courier, b2b, trucking, and warehousing services to us. The management has reduced our logistics headache and has given the best services. We know they have our back for all our new business plans.

Anita Rosario

With other logistics partners I faced issues: fake delivery attempts, untimely deliveries, poor follow-up processes. Shipyaari has made the shipping process hassle-free - right from product pick up to timely deliveries.

Rajat Joshi

Shipyaari’s team has a wonderful capability to make everything easier for their customers by keeping the fees reasonable and saving a small business like mine from the burden of excessive investment in logistics. Thank you!

Saurav Parihar

The pocket pinch offered by Shipyaari is the best compared to other carriers in the market. Best for small businesses like mine who do not have to go through the minimum number of orders cap.

Earlier, we worked with costly and time consuming carrier partners. Their delayed deliveries cost us our international business. Shipyaari helped us to rebuild customer trust on an international level. Thank you Shipyaari

Very very prompt service at all times. There are no hassles whether it may be deliveries, pickups, or any other issues that arrive. For me, it is way better than all the other shipping aggregators out there.

Shipyaari support team has excellent response time for any concern. User-friendly dashboard and order creation is simple and elegant. Reports are easy to understand and that makes it more useful to make future plans.

Have been using Shipyaari services for 9 years now. Their team, especially Hemakshi and Dipali promptly resolved issues. Customer service is outstanding. It’s great to work with them. Thanks team Shipyaari and best wishes!

Shipyaari is the best shipping partner with lowest rates. Shipping with them has been a breeze and they are extremely reliable for all my shipping needs. Thanks Shipyaari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the documents, that are mandatory for International Shipping:
Proforma/Commercial Invoice: This includes the following,
• A detailed description of each item
• Export type (permanent, repair-return, temporary),
• The value of each item (excluding VAT),
• Quantity of all items,
• The total weight of the shipment,
• The origin of each item (the production country or countries),
• The reason for export (gift, commercial purposes, samples, repair),
• Harmonised System (HS) codes to classify each item.

Certificate of Origin

As a retailer, it is necessary for you to obtain a Certificate of Origin, typically issued by the chamber of commerce. This document serves as proof that a particular product has been sourced, produced, manufactured, or processed in a specific country.

Shipping label or Waybill

The shipping label is a crucial component of your shipment, as it contains vital information required for the successful delivery of your package. It includes essential details such as pickup and delivery addresses, sender and recipient information, tracking codes, package quantity, content description, and weight.
Customs declaration CN22/CN23
The customs declaration form fulfills a similar purpose to the commercial invoice by assisting authorities in determining the relevant customs duties and taxes applicable to the shipment. This document is a mandatory requirement for international shipping, providing essential information to customs authorities.

These are the products which cannot be shipped at any cost. They are banned and will not be accepted by courier partners at any cost. Below are the Few List of Products which are not allowed
• Cash (current legal tender)
• Loose precious and semi-precious stones
• Illegal goods, such as counterfeit goods and narcotics
• Flammable Liquids
• Explosives (e.g., airbags, small arms ammunition, and model rocket motors)
• Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic Gas
• Flammable Solids Etc.

No, since IEC is mandatory for all international shipments or to start a business in India that deals with imports and exports.

Shipyaari currently offers 5 carriers for international shipping:

– Fedex
However, please note that carrier availability may vary depending on the pick-up location and the destination of the shipment.

A MSDS certificare or Material Safety Data Sheet Certificate, is a detailed document that provides essential information about hazardous substances or materials being shipped internationally. It serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in the handling, storage, or transportation of such materials.

The additional costs that could be involved in international shipping include: 1) Customs duties and taxes 2) Shipping insurance 3) Customs brokerage fee 4) Remote area surcharge

Yes, it is mandatory to have an AD code or Authorised Dealer Code to ship internationally.

An AD code or Authorized Dealer Code is issued by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is a unique identification number assigned to Indian exporters and importers. It serves as a regulatory requirement for cross-border trade transactions, ensuring compliance with foreign exchange regulations.

An AD code is absolutely vital for international shipping. It is mandatory when filling the customs declaration form when exporting. The AD Code also needs to be mentioned on the export documentation to verify aithenticity of the transaction. The AD Code is also required when initiating international payments, such as repatriation of export proceeds.

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