Caught Off guard

Episode 1 || Rahul Karwa

Think Chief Growth Officer at a tech-based logistics firm and you imagine a suited guy walking in looking all business. But that’s not what Rahul Karwa, our CGO is all about.
Yes, he’s the guy who made the big switch from advertising to tech! But he is so much more..
With his experience spanning 22 years, he’s still the best at pulling pranks whilst singing his Kishore Kumar song of the day! Catch Rahul talk about the big switch, maintaining a happy environment at work, and fuelling creativity even in the most unexpected places!

Episode 2 || Drishti Shah

She’s not your ordinary content writer; she’s a wordsmith extraordinaire! But that’s not all… Multi-talented, unstoppable, and forever ready to embrace the extraordinary – that’s Drishti for you! Challenges? She tackles them with a shot of caffeine and a smile.
Learning? She sips on knowledge while enjoying her espresso. When the spotlight shines on her, Drishti takes it by storm with her mesmerizing skills.

Episode 3 || Shweta Kshirsagar

She’s not your average operations executive. Join us on our podcast as we uncover the secrets behind Shweta’s remarkable ability to thrive under pressure, solve complex problems, and make operations exciting!
Discover how her attention to detail and passion for change are shaping the industry. But there’s more to Shweta than meets the eye. Find out why her coworkers love her office gossip sessions and how she turns work into a true commitment to customer satisfaction.

Episode 4 || Astrid Pinto

Astrid is not just your typical head of human resources; she’s a problem-solving powerhouse, always ready to conquer any challenge that comes her way. She turns our office into a positive and energetic haven with her determination and creativity

When she’s not leading her HR troops to victory, you’ll find Astrid buried in the pages of her beloved books, fueling her intellect and imagination.

She’s not just a leader; she’s a true HR warrior!

Episode 5 || Sugandha Palekar

Meet Sugandha Palekar, our Chief of Staff – the glue that binds our team together.

She’s redefining the ‘coolness’ quotient of lawyers. While she effortlessly manages her high-profile role, she’s also a super awesome mother – talk about wearing multiple hats like a pro!

Her journey from being a business analyst to donning the lawyer’s robe and then finally settling with the position of Chief of Staff is nothing short of inspiring.

Her journey makes us believe that with determination and hard work, you can conquer any career path you choose. So, if you thought lawyers weren’t cool, think again. Sugandha Palekar is here to shatter those stereotypes and redefine what it means to be a legal eagle albeit with a style quotient.

Episode 6 || Akshay Mehara

Meet Akshay Mehara: The Adventurous Leader. He’s passionate about travel, a dedicated bookworm, and always up for a challenge.

A self-taught software developer, and an exceptional team leader, he knows how to inspire and bring out the best in his colleagues.

Episode 7 || Saptarshi Mondal

Introducing the marketing maestro, the one and only Saptarshi Mondal!

He’s the SPOC for all our quirky questions. Got a marketing problem that’s making your head spin? Saptarshi’s got you covered. He’s like a human Swiss Army knife, but with marketing solutions!

You see, Saptarshi doesn’t just tackle problems; he engulfs them in a cloud of confetti and turns them into opportunities

He treasures those precious 10-minute breaks at the office, where he transforms into the snack ninja, magically grabbing a bite here and there faster than you can say “marketing strategy”. Want to know more about how he manages to weave his marketing magic?

best in his colleagues.

Episode 8 || Shruti Singh

Meet Shruti, our CRM Manager, a dynamic force of energy in the office.

She’s not just an exceptional leader, but also a colleague who knows how to have fun.

Despite tackling complex tasks, she breezes through them with a smile that makes it all look like a piece of cake. In addition to her myriad responsibilities, she’s a devoted mother and a cherished mentor to her teammates.

best in his colleagues.

Episode 9 || Surjit Singh

Meet Surjit, our go-to key account maestro, who not only flawlessly orchestrates operations but effortlessly handles daily hiccups with ease.

Watch him spill the beans on his genuine passion for his job and the boundless joy it brings. In addition to his operational prowess, he’s a tech aficionado who relishes ordering his beloved gadgets (nearly every other day).

But he’s not just a tech-savvy whiz; Surjit is also a master of Excel, and his client management skills are truly exceptional. His calm demeanor is the cherry on top.

best in his colleagues.

Episode 10 || Meet our new “YAARS”

In this exciting video, we introduce our newest team members and take you on a journey through their first impressions, starting from their initial interviews and moving on to their thoughts about our amazing bosses. We promise, no bribes were involved in this process, just pure charm and charisma!

Join us as they share their experiences, from their first day and the fantastic time they’ve been having with their super-supportive teams. We guarantee you’ll have a blast watching this fun and engaging introduction to our dynamic Shipyaari team.

Episode 11 || Nayan Ratandhayara

Introducing the Captain of our ship, the visionary leader at the helm, our CEO, Nayan Ratandhayara. We didn’t leave a chance to catch him off-guard and discovered a side of him that’s as fun as inspiring.

Nayan is not your typical CEO. He’s the kind who stands firmly behind his team, ready to navigate any obstacle that comes their way. His unwavering support makes him incredibly approachable, ensuring that everyone on board feels heard and valued.

But beyond the boardroom, Nayan is a master of balance. He seamlessly juggles the responsibilities of a thriving SaaS-based logistics company with his role as a doting father.

Watch this and get to know the man beyond the office walls!